Sponsored Research Office

The Office of Sponsored Research is designed to serve members of the faculty in their attempts to obtain and administer grant support for research and other scholarly activities. The sponsored research office subscribes to the INFOED, which will match a faculty member's research interests with potential funding programs. Sponsored Research staff provide comments on and editing of proposals, assistance with compilation of budgets, and make available sample proposals and other information that is useful to grant applicants.

The Director of Sponsored Research is responsible for the administration and coordination of all grant proposals for research and other sponsored programs, and for oversight of internally and externally funded research budgets. The Director reports to the Provost, who must approve all grant applications requiring institutional authorization. Faculty members are encouraged to consult the Director of Sponsored Research when planning and preparing grant applications. All proposals submitted to outside sources by faculty members must be reviewed by the Director to assure compliance with the sponsor's and the College's policies and guidelines, and to assure budgetary accuracy and completeness. Preliminary draft proposals are welcome.