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It’s Flu Season

Flu is present in the community.  The following information can help you differentiate between colds and flu. 

Symptom                         Cold?                                Flu?

Fever                           Possible, mild                 More common; over 101

Chills                                     Mild                               Moderate to severe

Fatigue                                  Mild                                Moderate to severe

Sneezing                                Yes                                      Not usually

Headache                               No                                            Yes

Cough                                 Possible                                       Yes

Chest discomfort                   Mild                                 Moderate to severe

How to stay healthy:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Get plenty of rest and fluids
  • Exercise in moderation
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Avoid others who might be sick.

Be kind!  Don’t share your germs:

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Avoid others when you are sick.

If you do get sick:

  • Rest
  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Come to the Health Center

Questions?  Call the Health Center at 610-526-7360