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Djordje Milićević

In a nutshell

I am an analyst and a number theorist. My research is concerned with analysis on arithmetic manifolds, automorphic forms, L-functions, and analytic number theory. I study arithmetic objects using tools from spectral analysis, representation theory, analytic number theory, and p-adic analysis.

A Ph.D. graduate of Princeton University, I arrived to Bryn Mawr after teaching and doing research at the University of Michigan, Amherst College, and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. I am the current BMC organizer for the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Bi-Co Mathematics Colloquium, and I also organize the Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar.

I greatly enjoy teaching mathematics at all levels, and I love talking to students. I am also currently the departmental junior advisor (class of 2016). Stop by my office any time!

Curriculum vitae

Journal articles

Submitted for publication:

  • Djordje Milićević, "The explicit Hardy-Littlewood-Atkinson formula in number fields"
  • Valentin Blomer, Étienne Fouvry, Emmanuel Kowalski, Philippe Michel, Djordje Milićević, "On moments of twisted L-functions"


All of my teaching materials are posted on the Moodle web sites, where they are available to all enrolled students:

  • Math 290: Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2015
  • Math 502: Graduate Analysis II, Spring 2015

Past courses at Bryn Mawr: Math 102 (Calculus II, F13) Math 290: (Elementary Number Theory, S13) • Math 301 (Real Analysis I, F13) • Math 302 (Real Analysis II, S14) • Math 398 (Senior Conference, F12, F14) • Math 399 (Senior Conference, S14) • Math 501 (Graduate Analysis I, F12, F14) • Math 502 (Graduate Analysis II, S13)

We have a weekly Mathematics Problem Solving Seminar, which meets (in Spring '15) on Tuesdays from 5–6:30PM in Park 328. Come and have fun solving these delightful math nuggets in a friendly, cooperative spirit! (And bring your friends!)

My current office hours are always posted outside my office, Park 331, and I have some every day of the week. I am specifically available for major advising on Mondays from 2-2:30PM, but you are of course welcome during all office hours and at any time I'm in my office!

Teaching materials from previous institutions are available on their respective repositories: Princeton Blackboard, Michigan CTools, Amherst CMS. I have led problem seminars, trained students for undergraduate and high-school competitions, coached teams and served on juries of international contests since 1996 and served on the Questions Committee of the MAA William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition from 2011–14.