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Opinion sampler: Five Bryn Mawrters discuss their voting decisions (or lack thereof)

As the hotly contested Pennsylvania Democratic primary approaches, the candidates are, in the words of the Philadelphia Inquirer, "jostling for youth votes in a fashion that has never been seen here before."

High-profile visitors to the Bryn Mawr campus so far include Ugly Betty star America Ferrera (stumping for Clinton), Grey's Anatomy actress Kate Walsh (for Obama), former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (for Clinton), and Obama policy chief Karen Kornbluh '85 (although her talk was cast as a career-development event rather than a campaign rally, almost all of the audience's question's dealt with Obama's policy positions). Campaigners at Haverford have included Obama's wife Michelle and Clinton herself.

Bryn Mawr Now asked five Bryn Mawr students whom they favor in the upcoming primary. Their answers:

Jane Morris '10
Major: Sociology/Biology

Candidate: Obama

He’s got a better chance of winning the general election and he’s very inspirational. After the last eight years, people need to be inspired.

Rebecca Woodruff '08
Major: Biology

Candidate: Undecided

Reason: I like both of the candidates for very different reasons. I’m having a hard time deciding between two very good candidates.

Nafisa Misawa '10
Major: Biology/Pre-med

Candidate: Undecided

Reason: I was really following the campaign over winter break but lost track of the race over the semester. I think it will probably be Hillary because I think she’s got a better chance in the general election.

Joanne Bunch '09
Major: Sociology

Candidate: Obama

Reason: There’s something about him that transcends the issues. He reminds me of Kennedy in the way that he’s inspired young people to get involved. Unfortunately, I don’t think this country will elect either a black man or white woman as president.

Zaineb Tambawalla '08
Major: Political Science

Candidate: Undecided

Reason: I see potential in both candidates. I see Hillary as a really strong leader with lots of experience. Obama doesn’t have the experience but he seems to offer a strong vision for renewing America.


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Posted 4/17/2008 by Claudia Ginanni