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This website allows current and prospective students, faculty, and others to learn more about philosophy at Bryn Mawr. The Undergraduate Program is a section allowing students to learn more about our undergraduate major and minor and the general requirements. In the Faculty section, you can meet our philosophy professors as well as affiliated faculty. The Office Hours section gives the general office hours for each professor. The Students section has a variety of items, including the Philosophy Lunch Table, the Philosophy Film series, and contact information for the major representative, who is available to answer questions about being a philosophy student. If you're interested in what's available in the Tri-Co, learn more about philosophy at Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore.

Also for current students, the Resources page has a huge list of online philosophy resources, including online journals and databases. The Events section is your guide to current lectures and events at Bryn Mawr.


The philosophy department of Bryn Mawr College has a long and distinguished history.   Over the more than 120 years of its work, the department has contributed importantly to the intellectual education of countless students, graduate and undergraduate, majors and non-majors.  The department has sent many B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. students onto a wide variety of professional careers including not a few in philosophy.  Many prominent philosophers have called Bryn Mawr home.  The department has hosted world-renowned thinkers such as Bertrand Russell, Isaiah Berlin, and Alfred North Whitehead.   The first woman to serve as President of the Eastern American Philosophical Association was a faculty member at Bryn Mawr.  The first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. in philosophy from an U.S. institution received her A.B. from Bryn Mawr.   Though the department today no longer offers graduate study, it continues this tradition of teaching and research in philosophy.


The Bryn Mawr philosophy department has a number of amazing alumnae: not only do we have a number of professional philosophers who earned a degree at Bryn Mawr, an undergraduate education here has provided a means to success for a number of intelligent and ambitious women. Here are the stories of a few recent alumnae who have shared stories of what they've done in the years after their graduation from Bryn Mawr.