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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
300 Airdale Road
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-1697
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Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research



Darlyne Bailey
Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, MSS Program Director, Professor and Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships at Bryn Mawr College, Rm 112; Ext 2603


Raymond Albert
Professor and Director of the Law and Social Policy Program
Rm 210; Ext 2636

Leslie Alexander
Rm 209; Ext 2635

Jim Baumohl

Jim Baumohl
Professor Rm 217; Ext 2621

Cynthia Bisman
Professor Emeritus
Rm 202, Ext 2628

Earl Bowen

Earl Bowen, Jr.
Interim Faculty
Rm 203, Ext 2631

Sara BressiSara Bressi
Associate Professor
Rm 208, Ext 2634

Janet Shapiro

Janet Eisenberg Shapiro
Professor and
Director of the Center for Child and Family Wellbeing
Rm 218, Ext 2618

Jillian Graves

Jillian Marie Graves
Interim Instructor
Rm 212, Ext 2622

Toba Kerson
Professor Emeritus
Rm 206, Ext 2632

Julia Littell
Rm 215, Ext 2619


James A. Martin
Rm 201, Ext 2637


Cindy Sousa
Assistant Professor
Rm. 205, Ext. 2623

TomTom Vartanian
Professor and Director of PhD Program
Rm 220, Ext 2624


Danna R. Bodenheimer,
Jennifer W. Campbell,
Margo M. Campbell,
William F. Coffey,
Sharon Czabafy,
Thomas Duffin,
Paula Fleming,
Fran Gerstein,
Margo Hendrickson,
Donna J. Harris,
Thomas K. Hurster, Jr.,
Allan Irving,
Robert Isaacson,
Rachel Kirzner,
Rebecca Laster,
Jessica E. Lee,
Marcia L.Martin,
Stephanie Newberg,
Justine Polster,
Jacqueline M. Salmon,
Leda Sportolari,
Kimberly Vindler,
Carrie Young,


Darlyne Bailey (610) 520-2610
Dean and Professor, MSS Program Director, Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships
Rm. 101


Raymond L. Albert (610) 520-2610
Professor, Director M.L.S.P Program, and Chair BMC Diversity Council
Rm. 210

Margie Dubrow (610) 520-2650
Director, Non-Profit Executive Leadership Institute
Rm. 110A

Sheila Gillin (610) 526-7533
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Benham Gateway Building, Rm. 111

Donna Harris (610) 520-2629
Administrator of Student Services and Instructor
Rm. 108

Nancy J. Kirby (610) 520-2608
Coordinator of Alumni Connections
Rm. 108

Beth Lewis (610) 520-2617
Director of Field Education
Rm. 103

Nancy Morrow (610-520-2609
Assistant Director of Field Education

Tara Stasik (610) 520-2612
Assistant Dean
Room 104


Genny Dunne (610) 520-2615
Career Counselor
Career Development Services
Rm. G9

Sue Edgerton (610) 520-2611
Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office
Rm. 102A

Sara Forrest (610) 520-2605
Field Education Coordinator, Field Education Office

Antoinette Harrison (610) 520-2607
Academic Administrative Assistant
Rm. 102

Laura Henrich (610) 520-2616
NELI Program Coordinator
Rm. 102

Elaine Robertson (610) 520-2614
Center Director for Professional Development
Certifying Officer, Home & School Visitor Certificate Program
Rm. 110B

Computing Lab Teaching Assistant (2013-2014)
(610) 520-2625
Lindsey Turr,
Jenifer Norton,
Gina Carfagno,

Writing Lab - Janet Garrabrant,