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Student Life

Most of Bryn Mawr's 1,300 students live on campus, contributing a rich variety of cultural and geographic backgrounds, interests, talents and viewpoints to a community with a deep respect for individual differences. In and out of the classroom, students are governed by the Honor Code, a set of principles that stresses mutual respect and integrity. Students ratify the code, agree to adhere to it, and enforce its provisions.

The College has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations, which are funded by the nation's oldest student self-government association. Some relate to Bryn Mawr's strong ethic of community service and civic engagement; some explore issues of multicultural identity and leadership; some focus on the fine and performing arts, and some simply give people who share interests the pleasure of getting together.

The College boasts 12 NCAA Division III athletic teams that compete in the Centennial Conference. In the last five years, 187 Bryn Mawr athletes have been named to the Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll. Club sports include an equestrian team, an ultimate frisbee team and a rugby team (the winner of the 2007 Eastern Penn Rugby Union Championship) that are all Bi-College efforts, co-sponsored by Haverford College.

Although Bryn Mawr's events calendar offers an embarrassment of riches during most of the academic year, students have plenty of opportunities for entertainment and engagement off campus as well. Special relationships with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania create social as well as academic opportunities. Philadelphia, just 20 minutes away by high-speed rail, is an expansive, global, civic community that is home to 250,000 college students.