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Theresa Cann
Assistant Dean, Director of International Education
Phone: 610-526-5375 Undergraduate Dean's Office
Eugenia Chase Guild Hall, Lower Level

Study Abroad

Welcome to the world of study abroad at Bryn Mawr College, where discovering the world supports the three rare characteristics that define the Bryn Mawr student.

At Bryn Mawr, study abroad:

  • Involves “An intense intellectual commitment”
  • Promotes a student’s “Purposeful vision of their life”
  • Supports “A desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world”

To this end, we provide study abroad advising that is intergral to a student’s academic major and assists with the logistical planning of moving abroad and returning to Bryn Mawr.  We coordinate student application and enrollment process to overseas institutions and, in collaboration with appropriate college offices; we assist students with financial planning, academic credit transfer and pre-departure and re-entry orientation programs.

To learn more about Bryn Mawr students' experiences abroad, we encourage you to check out our study abroad blog, Time Abroad.

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