Bryn Mawr Transportation


The mission of the Bryn Mawr College Transportation Department is to link the Tri-College Community of Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges by providing professional, safe and timely transportation.

Additionally, the Department supplies the Tri-College Community with a rental service that is dependable, secure and affordable.

In case of bad weather, Bryn Mawr College will have information about transportation and closing at phone number: 610-526-7310.

The following are the drop off and pick-up points for Bi-Co and Tri-co Runs.

Bryn Mawr: Merion Ave. Bus Stop

Haverford: Stokes Hall and the stop sign by the Lloyd Lot.

Swarthmore: Before 7:00pm the circle in front of Parish Hall. After 7:00pm the Bond Parking Lot.

Public Safety Office dispatchers will be notified if the buses cannot run because of hazardous driving conditions. Please see weather emergency info for complete policy.

Weekdays during the exam period the regular schedule will be maintained. A special Blue Bus schedule for weekends will be issued separately.

If you leave belongings on one of the buses, first check with the bus drivers and then contact the Department of Public Safety at Bryn Mawr (526-7911).

If you experience problems relating to the operation of the buses, please immediately contact Steve Green, Director of Transportation, Ward building, Bryn Mawr College (526-7570).

If you have problems or suggestions about the bus schedule, please contact:

Marianne Smith – Haverford College
Director of Residential Life

Martin Warner – Swarthmore College
Registrar's Office
610 328 8297
fax: 610 957 6100

Steve Green
Transportation Director
610 526-7570

Please contact Steve Green: (610-526-7570) with questions or comments about this page.