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What's new with Mawrter Connect?

I want to do more networking on Mawrter Connect, but I’m always on the go. What can I do from my smartphone? —Mobile Aficionado

Dear Mobile Aficionado:

Mawrter Connect, Bryn Mawr College’s personal and professional online networking community, has attracted more than 1,350 alumnae/i and 550 students in the 18 months since its introduction.

From the outset, one of the main “on-the-go” benefits of Mawrter Connect has been users’ ability to reply to messages directly from their email. In other words, once you are fully registered, when someone sends you a message from within Mawrter Connect, you can reply via your email without logging in. You can also use the “schedule a meeting” option to pick a time for a telephone or video chat right through the platform!

Mawrters can now engage with each other with even greater convenience. This summer, Mawrter Connect went fully mobile for both iOS and Android systems. Instead of having to download an app, you can access the mobile experience simply by logging in to Mawrter Connect from your phone’s browser. When you navigate to a main page, such as Explore the Community, you’ll see a prompt enabling you to add an icon to your phone for mobile access.

We recommend using a laptop, tablet, or desktop when first signing up for Mawrter Connect for an easier experience completing your profile information and selecting your communication preferences. Once you are fully signed up in the community, however, you can then access the mobile platform directly from your phone. Happy networking!

Does the College have a place for alumnae/i to share their business information with each other? —Busy Entrepreneur

Dear Busy Entrepreneur

As a matter of fact, we do! Mawrter Connect recently introduced a new business directory that provides alumnae/i business owners an opportunity to display information about their businesses.

So long as you’re signed up on Mawrter Connect, you can navigate to the Resources section, which has a blue button labeled Create Resource (only alum users will see this). Next, select Business Listing under Create New Resource and Business Directory under the Category. The only required field is your business name, but you can also add a business description, contact information (phone, email, URL, etc.), and operating hours. You can also upload images to customize the listing.

Please note that only businesses owned by Bryn Mawr College alumnae/i can be advertised on this site. Although Mawrter Connect is a password-protected site, Bryn Mawr College cannot protect the privacy of a posting, as users may copy and repost your information elsewhere. Bryn Mawr College also retains discretion to discontinue this directory and/or remove any listing at any time for any reason.

If you are a business owner and have questions about this exciting new benefit for alumnae/i, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Email me at

Need help navigating the world of work? Career guru (and Bryn Mawr’s senior associate director of Alumnae/i Career Services) Becky Ross takes your questions at Please keep your questions succinct.