Linda-Susan Beard
Associate Professor of English and Director of Africana Studies Linda-Susan Beard on Stacey Abrams SOTU Response
"A black woman has never done this, nor has someone who was a non-seated legislator done this," Beard says. "So she's making history. Everything about this is historical and precedent-breaking." 
Some of the 150 students, faculty, and staff at the PossePlus retreat
Bryn Mawr Community Comes Together for PossePlus Retreat
Retreats are held at all 56 colleges and universities that partner with the Posse foundation and all the retreats focus on a singular topic. This year’s topic was “The State of Our Union.”
Assistant Professor of Political Science Joel Schlosser
Assistant Professor of Political Science Joel Schlosser Talks Teaching in 'Political Science Now'
"I’ve learned just how precious and fragile the space of the classroom is. If I am lucky and play my own role just right, I can hold a space for wondrous things to arise."