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Bryn Mawr Student Clubs

Clubs are listed within the following interest areas: 

All  Clubs must review and abide by all Club and Community Policies.

Starting a Club: Steps for starting a new club

1. Explore the clubs already in existence at Bryn Mawr College before starting a club. If a student finds that we do not have a club which is of interest to them they can choose to start their own club. However, the club must be different than any club already on campus.

2. Gain interest and members from the student body by hosting an event. A minimum of five members is required for any new club.

3. Once you have five members you can petition the Office of Student Activities to start a new club. Petitions are accepted in September and January and the petition form will be available on the Student Activities website during the first two weeks of each semester.

4. If funding is desired, the new club must submit a written constitution to SGA's Student Finance Committee in the beginning of the semester. Please review the Constitution Guide for a template. Constitution Guide (PDF) (Word)

5. All clubs are required to register each academic year with the Office of Student Activities at the beginning of the fall semester.



Bryn Mawr Mock Trial

Bryn Mawr College Mock Trial was founded in 2018 and is proud to compete as a member of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). We compete in collegiate tournaments as a team of attorneys and witnesses. During meetings, we analyze the case, as well as develop questions, speeches, and strategy, while practicing our roles for competition. This club provides a space for participants to improve their critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and legal analysis skills in a fun, engaging environment. It often attracts students who are interested in pursuing law as a career, but many members are present just because they enjoy learning and performing together.

Contact: Coco Vallon


Girls Who Code

The club is for any major student wanting to pave their tech journey.

Contact: Kripa Lamichhane


The Owl Investment Group

The Owl Investment Group is a student-led organization at Bryn Mawr College, aiming to help expose those interested in investment to the market through theories and hands-on practices. The club offers diversified opportunities, including portfolio management, market analysis sessions, stock pitch workshops, and talks held by alums.

Contact: Dylan Su


Pre-Health Society

To promote the unity of pre-health students in the Bryn Mawr community. To educate the campus about careers in healthcare in an effort to build solidarity and to extend an open invitation to those who are interested in learning about a career in healthcare.

Contact: Gillyoung Koh


Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law society is dedicated to fostering our student’s legal aspirations. We seek to provide an intellectually stimulating and positive environment for legal-minded students and students who share passion to discuss matters of law, ethics, government and various other issues of interest. The society aims to assist students interested in pursuing legal education by providing information and resources related to law school admission and LSAT preparation, as well as networking and educational opportunities with individuals involved in the legal profession.

Contact: Diana Salmeron 


Russian Club

Russian club serves the bi-co student body in order to promote the Russian Language and Culture.

Contact: Anna Roumiantsev and Lila Ackley


The Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a national organization. We are the SPS chapter at Bryn Mawr College. The activities we facilitate in the physics department are usually social, academic, networking, and career building based. We aim to bring together the physics students at Bryn Mawr to provide everyone with a warm, welcoming environment. SPS works to cultivate a sense of belonging in the field of physics. We advocate strongly for equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts in the physics community and at large. We also aim to increase outreach in surrounding communities to try to increase interest and opportunities for underrepresented groups in the field of physics. We care about making sure all of the physics students at Bryn Mawr have support systems during their time here and are prepared for their time after college.

Contact: Angelina Rogatch and Karleigh Bath


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Asian New Media 

This is club is to introduce and connect people with variety of content found in Asia. We will be discussing variety of things from anime, game, drama, etc. in the club.

Contact: Caitlin Cheng


Asian Students Association 

The Bryn Mawr Asian Students Association (ASA), is a space for Asian-identifying students, including but not limited to East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islanders. We aim to embrace the multiplicity of cultures and identities falling under the Asian umbrella, to discuss cultural, social, and political aspects relevant to our identities, and to strengthen connections in current and past members of ASA. We represent the diversity of Asian and Asian American cultures, experiences, and identities with our members and the broader Bryn Mawr community. Our club celebrates Asian holidays, creates critical dialogue on relevant issues, hosts an annual culture show, and provides networking opportunities with past ASA and Bryn Mawr alumni.

Contact: Mia Lau and Amuthini Arivazhagan


Association of International Students*

AIS is an organization open to both international and domestic students in the Bryn Mawr community. The club believes in the spirit of integration, and exists to allow international students a supportive network which aids in their understanding of the United States, its environment and culture. We teach students how to navigate being away from home, and foster a sense of unity between all members. Club membership entails having access to resources for international students to understand processes and concepts such as OPT, Health Insurance, Travel Endorsements and how to grapple English as a second language. Members are also given opportunities for community engagement; our meetings are platforms for open dialogue that enable students to educate the community about their home countries while simultaneously learning about others. This year, we plan to branch out the ties of our network to other International Student Organizations and Support Groups in the TriCo.

Contact: Kitty Shi



BACaSO is a dynamic organization promoting the rich heritage of Africa, the Caribbean and diaspora communities. This organization is open to all members of the community who are interested in and/or are of African and Caribbean descent. Throughout the year this group becomes a support system for people of African and Caribbean descent. It is a place where we form lifelong bonds that last past four years here at Bryn Mawr. Simultaneously, we enjoy sharing our culture with one another and with the greater Bryn Mawr community. We put a great deal of effort into our three main events: African and Caribbean Week, our Fashion/Culture Show, and the Afro-Art Gallery. Other events include but are not limited to: film screenings, faculty talks as well as purely social events such as parties and game nights.

ContactSaeina Charles


Bi-Co Asian Adoptees*

The purpose of this organization shall be to create a sanctioned space on campus to allow Asian adoptees to reconnect with and explore their heritage. Additionally, this organization shall grant Asian adoptees, transracial adoptees, and adoptee Allies a commons – defined as a place of gathering, community and discourse - in which all the aforementioned can openly and freely share their experiences. We plan on hosting monthly events, shared cultural meals, and plan trips to relevant cultural sites in Philadelphia (i.e. Chinatown).

ContactEryn Peritz


Celebrating All Mixed People (C.A.M.P)

The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a safe and welcoming space for all students of multiracial identity in which they can find access to community and resources.

ContactEleanor Toyama 



CSSA is one of the affinity groups at Bryn Mawr. We aim to provide a platform for the general public to truly understand Chinese culture and for Chinese International students to integrate themselves into the community. We present the student body as well as faculty an opportunity to learn more of the Chinese culture outside of a classroom environment and cooperate with the Admission Office and Career Engagement Office to help every member explore their career interest and future path. There are various fun activities and many career panels throughout the year.

ContactPriscilla Zhao


Filipino Students Association

Filipino Students Association is an organization aimed to uplift and provide a platform for Filipino students through their exploration and discussion of culture, music, art, and community. This organization aims to provide a safe space and home for people who identify as Filipino, Filipino-American, or share an interest in exploring and learning about Filipino culture.

ContactLeilani Soriano


Japanese Arts and Culture Club (JACC)*

We hope to spread awareness to the Bi-Co community about Japanese and Japanese-American culture. We hope to do this by holding both interactive and educational events to help expand the community’s knowledge about different aspects of Japanese culture, such as history, culinary arts, traditional arts, and pop culture. Through other social and cultural events, we hope to be able to provide networking opportunities with other JSA’s in the great Philadelphia area. Through our activities we aim to provide our community with a more comprehensive view of Japan.

ContactIsabella Massarelli


Korean Student Association (KSA)

Bryn Mawr Korean Student Association (KSA) is a student-run organization at Bryn Mawr College. We hope to foster a community among students who identify as Korean, Korean-American, and/or share an interest in Korean culture and issues. KSA focuses on raising awareness for the greater Bryn Mawr community on Korean culture, issues facing the Korean community, and establishing an understanding of the different Korean identities.

ContactSal Shin


Mawrters for Immigrant Justice 

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice (MIJ) is a club that centers itself around undocumented+ students and allies as an affinity club that advocates and supports students and spreads awareness on campus.

ContactVeronica Mellado



Mayuri is the premiere and only Tri-co South Asian fusion dance team that incorporates classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and Kathak; folk styles like Bhangra and Garba; and western dance styles such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, and Jazz. The members of Mayuri choreograph cultural dances and perform them at various venues and events in Philadelphia.

ContactSarah Luke



Mujeres* is an organization at BMC, that brings awareness to issues impacting the Latinx community and uplifting the diverse cultures within Latinidad.

ContactVictoria Villamil



Sisterhood* is a support network for African-American/ Black women at Bryn Mawr College. We hold weekly meetings to discuss issues that affect the African- American community at large. We host a number of events to inform Bryn Mawr and the wider Main Line community about these issues. Sisterhood* is also very eager to educate Bryn Mawr about African-American culture, as we utilize various mediums including cultural performances, music, speakers, service initiatives, and most importantly dialogue to do so. Like all cultural organizations at Bryn Mawr, Sisterhood* welcomes all women regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.

ContactAbyssinia Braud


South Asian Students (SAS)*

We celebrate the South Asian diaspora of Bryn Mawr and share South Asian cultures with the Bryn Mawr community.

ContactRoshan Perry


The Middle Eastern and Northern African Student Association (MENA)

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a shared and safe space for students of Middle Eastern and North African descent on campus, aiming to increase campus-wide knowledge and acceptance of Middle Eastern and North African culture through the funding of events during Middle Eastern Heritage Month, Persian New Year, etc.

ContactMana Sadeghi



We are Zami+, an organization meant for students of color who identify as queer or apart of the LGTBQ+ community. We aim at creating home, exploring diversity and proving a space for those who have the intersecting identity of a person of color and a queer person.

ContactJuliana Reyes and Mana Sadeghi




Art Club

Art Club is an open community space for everyone on campus, enriching the campus with arts and crafts. We provide a fun, carefree space for people to connect with others, relax, and express themselves. Additionally, we facilitate events where people can invest in their arts and crafts interests and host workshops. We are also responsible for maintaining the Arnecliffe Art Studio, the 24/7 art space on campus. Email us at with studio/supplies requests!

ContactBryn Osborne and Phoebe Bock


Ceramics Club*

To start a community of ceramicist within the bi-co and allow people to make things out of clay! We will also offer introductory "course" days where people can come and learn how to throw on the wheel or handbuild.

ContactSelin Butun


Craft Collective

Craft Collective is a creative space for students to craft, collage and collaborate using multimedia art as an outlet for self expression. We make art that feels good and is necessary. Our intended audience is any student who wants space to express themself and take a break from academics while getting to know other students. It is not specifically targeted toward students with previous art experience but is designed to be open to anyone who wants to create any type of craft.

ContactLilah Goldman



The purpose of this organization shall be to to create a space for students to relieve stress and exercise their creative energies by crafting items in miniature. These types of crafts will allow students to develop patience, learn new hobbies, and feel a sense of accomplishment at creating and finishing various projects, thereby boosting their confidence and happiness.

ContactMilena Lewis


Whittling Club

Whittling Club aims to introduce students to the wonderful art of whittling. We hope to create a space where we can all create art together in a peaceful and calming environment.

ContactSophia Cunningham


Awareness and Advocacy

Bi-Ci Students for Justice in Palestine*

The Bryn Mawr and Haverford chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine was founded on November 15, 2021, dedicated to supporting the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

We are seeking to build a coalition that will use our collective power to amplify the Palestinian cause through informative group discussions, panels, divestment and boycott campaigns, and other actions in solidarity with groups in the greater Philly area.

We aim to educate students about human rights violations committed by Israel in its occupation of the West Bank, its blockade on Gaza, and its racist state apparatus.


Sustainable Fashion Club

The goal of the sustainable fashion club is to help Bryn Mawr students make fashion choices that will benefit them and the planet. We hold regular workshops in which we teach students how to repair and fit their clothes. In addition, we offer information about the sustainability of different fabrics. During our movie nights students can learn more about the fashion industry and bond over drinks and snacks.

ContactClara Schilling


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Bryn Mawr Self-Government Association (SGA)

The Self-Government Association (often referred to as SGA) is the self-governing body of the undergraduate students of Bryn Mawr College. Students practice self-governance which allows them to create rules and principles for the members of SGA to abide by. All Bryn Mawr College undergraduate students are automatically members of the Self-Government Association. Therefore, the Self-Government Association seeks to serve as a uniting voice for all BMC students. Students are highly encouraged to come to weekly meetings of the Representative Council every Sunday at 8:00 PM in the Campus Center, as well as attend Plenary which occurs twice a year.

ContactBryn Osborne


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Film Collective*

 Film Collective will provide a space to watch and discuss independent films with other bi-co students.

ContactCassandra Fischer Murphy


Bi-College News*

The Bi-College News is the historic newspaper of Bryn Mawr and Haverford College, in operation since 1909. We focus on covering a diverse array of topics in the Bi-Co community. We have an online publication multiple print issues during the school year. The Bi-Co accepts article, videos, photography and freelance submissions! We meet weekly in our office in Erdman.

ContactHelen Ehrlich, Etta Washburn


Nimbus Magazine

Nimbus magazine produces and runs Bryn Mawr’s campus-wide arts and literary magazine. We provide a platform for all kinds of artistic talent at BMC, featuring poetry, fiction, visual arts, and creative nonfiction.

ContactJade Poli


Spoon-Fed Sketch Comedy

We are a BMC-only sketch comedy group that aims to give students an opportunity to grow as comedians, writers, actors, and in other leadership roles while providing joy to the community.

ContactAudrey Hinsdale


Music and Performing Arts


The Acabellas are a Bryn Mawr A cappella group just looking to spread our love of music and song. We aim to foster a diverse and safe environment to all people who love to sing.

ContactGraciela Kennally-Presslaff



Afreen is a bi-co South Asian fusion dance team. We meet weekly to learn forms such as Bhangra, Bollywood, and Garba! We proudly take part in multiple performances across the tri-co and Philly!

ContactShaili Lotia



AJOYO is a Bi-Co dance team that focuses on on embracing and sharing African Diaspora dancing through both modern and traditional movement. AJOYO serves to depict an authentic culture that is often appropriated throughout the BMC community and beyond. We serve to give back to the community and work towards making a change against social injustices in the Philadelphia area. This is often achieved either via dance or volunteer.

ContactNshim Evelyne


Bi-Co Scottish Country Dance*

We are a club dedicated to introducing college students to Scottish Country Dancing and connecting them with the multitude of folk dancing opportunities in the Philadelphia area!

ContactMaya Chao


Bryn Mawr College Night Owls

We are the official a cappella group of Bryn Mawr that has sung a collection of songs ranging from classical to pop. We hold auditions for all members of the Bryn Mawr community. We perform for a variety of audiences including alumni, prospective students, faculty, and the larger Bryn Mawr community, as well as with other colleges along the East Coast. We can't wait to sing with you!

ContactOlivia Flores


Bryn Mawr Kalā

Kalā is a newly established South Asian Classical Arts club (Kalā means ‘art’ in Sanskrit). The goal of this club is to create a community that is passionate about learning and performing South Asian Classical dance forms, including Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, and more! This club welcomes all students regardless of previous dance experience & does not require an audition to join.

ContactAnkita Jain


Bryn Mawr Renaissance Choir

The Bryn Mawr Renaissance Choir is a small (25-30 voice) a cappella choir that sings polyphonic music from about 1400 to 1630. The group performs at least once a semester and on May Day. The choir draws membership from the Bryn Mawr student body, faculty, and local community members.

ContactGrace Sawyer


Choom Boom*

Choom Boom is a Bi-Co Kpop club that does not require auditions, but just your energy and support! We hold weekly teachings of various Kpop songs and community de-stressors within the year on Fridays at Bryn Mawr. Also, there will be opportunities to perform at Bryn Mawr and Bi-Co showcases!

ContactGraciela Kennally-Presslaff


Concert Series

We work with Traditions, Social Committee, and Student Engagement to hire the annual May Day performer(s), as well as hosting other artists and DJs for concerts throughout the semester.

ContactHelen Ehrlich


Extreme Keys

Our mission statement is to perform music for the Bryn Mawr community and spread joy.

ContactAlex Harmon


Flute Choir

Flute Choir is a small ensemble for Bi-Co flute players (all skill levels are welcome)! We rehearse twice a week for one hour and host a concert every semester. If you play the flute, we'd love to have you!

ContactEleanor Taylor



HaverRitmo is a bi-co dance team that showcases styles of hip hop under the Latin and African diasporas.

ContactBecca Zaletofsky


Lavender's Blue 

Lavender's Blue is a fun, chill a cappella group, where we sing a variety of music from oldies and classic hits to whatever we’re in the mood for! We're open to all levels of experience, so come sing and have a fun time with us!

ContactAbby Champlin


Looney Tunes A Cappella*

We're the Looney Tunes, the only Bi-Co, all-gender a cappella group. We sing a variety of music, from Daniel Caesar to Vulfpeck to Janelle Monae. Come sing with us or vibe with us at one of our performances!

ContactLindley McCutcheon 


MEI Chinese Dance Club*

MEI is a Bi-Co club focusing on the variety of Chinese dance styles in traditional and popular culture. We perform dances with the will of marking the highlights in China's four thousand years of history. The club opens to members with all kinds of experiences and backgrounds, and we wish to share Chinese culture and traditions proudly and openly to the Bi-Co community.

ContactKuankuan Hu


Noise Complaint*

Noise Complaint is Bryn Mawr and Haverford's only tap company! Founded in Spring 2022, we are a no-audition dance group focused on bringing different styles of tap dance to the bi-co. Our company classes are open to all members of the bi-co community with any tap experience level. So if you've never tapped before but want to learn, we'll teach you! If you've been tapping your whole life and want to continue to your percussive dance training, come make noise with us! You can catch our performances at the Fall Student Dance Concert and a showcase we co-host in the spring.

ContactChloe Shupe


Pulso Latino*

The purpose of the organization is to provide the Bryn Mawr and Haverford communities with opportunities to learn and to practice Latin dance through instruction, guided practice, and social dancing activity. Pulso Latino will introduce the styles of Bachata, Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, Folklórico, Samba, Flamenco, Cha-cha, and other Latin-influenced dance styles to those who may have never had the opportunity to encounter these dances and to share the culture of Latin countries through traditional food and costume. Dedicated to the exuberance and passion of Latin culture, Pulso Latino aims to attract a multitude of dancers, regardless of ethnicity or skill level. Members will be given the opportunity to both audition for and choreograph individual pieces, which are performed at the end of each semester and during special events, like our Spring Showcase. Additionally, professionally instructed classes or workshops will be offered to aid the creative process, as night-clubs tend to challenge dancers differently than choreographed routines performed before an audience. We also aim to foster a space that is vibrant, fun and inclusive for everyone in the bi-co community. We aim to do this mainly through dance and performance, but also through a variety of social events and meetings that take place throughout the semester.

ContactCarolina Molina


Shakespeare Performance Troupe

Shakespeare Performance Troupe is a student theater group dedicated to performing theatrical works both in and out of the Shakespearean canon. We aim to carry forward dynamics of subversion we find throughout Shakespeare and other theatrical works, while critically engaging with an often complex canon. In doing this work, we work to address the racist past of SPT and Shakespearean theatre to create a more inclusive framework for the future. We perform at least one play each semester, and all productions are entirely student-run.

ContactMaddy Brosius


Shift Dance Company*

Shift is a student-run bi-co contemporary group that provides a space for advanced dance training, experience with choreography and teaching, and a chance to perform each semester. Our members’ group participation, communication, dedication, and willingness to learn from and teach one another has fostered a close-knit community and safe space for all members to rigorously hone their craft and enjoy a shared passion.

Contact: Chloe Shupe and Annie Barrett


The Hypotheticals & Co.

We are a student run theater club that aims to produce contemporary and student written works, while centering and uplifting BIPOC voices in theater. We are a club for people interested in all aspects of theater including writing, directing, acting, tech, and just general appreciation!

ContactSachiko Bower


The Sound Track Ensemble

The purpose of this organization shall be to create an opportunity and space where musicians and vocalists can come together to play soundtracks from their favorite films, games, and shows.

ContactKylie Ede


The Union Club*

The Union Club is a monthly jazz performance space, aiming to be a “third space” on campus where students can relax and enjoy live music with friends.

ContactLuke Mandel


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Bi-Co Catholic Campus Ministry (Newman)*

Newman Catholic Ministry is dedicated to providing students with Catholic services and community. We want to help students to know and love God, and to discover His love for us. We have weekly Sunday Mass, prayer nights, Bible studies, as well as other events just to hang out, build connections, or celebrate our religious holidays. Our audience is any student of a Catholic background or who is interested in the Catholic faith. We hope to create a space for Catholic students to engage with their faith while at BMC and HC and fill the necessary gap of on campus ministry and Mass services.

ContactMadeline Appelhans


BMC Chabad

Bryn Mawr Chabad is a student-led organization that provides the Bryn Mawr College community with a Jewish home where all are welcome to explore and celebrate Jewish tradition and identity. Some programs include gathering spaces for religious services, educational enrichment programs for students of all backgrounds, community service events, campus-wide educational events, and social opportunities to engage with other Jewish students on campus. Bryn Mawr Chabad will address Jewish students' needs on campus and encourage a sense of community between them by adhering to Halachic Judaism in a welcoming and inclusive manner.

ContactMichelle Waksman


Bryn Mawr College Hillel

Bryn Mawr College Hillel is a religious group for Jewish students on campus or anyone who wishes to practice Judaism or engage in a Jewish community. BMC Hillel provides an outlet for students to observe Jewish holidays, explore Jewish identity, and access Jewish tradition in an open and pluralistic environment.

ContactElise Seery


Harvest Christian Fellowship

Harvest Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational college ministry affiliated with Grace Covenant Church, integrated with other college campuses on the Mainline. GCC is Word-centered, prayer driven, community based, and missions focused. Our mission is to raise up kingdom workers transformed by Christ to influence the world. HCF partakes in on and off campus activities and events such as weekly Family Group bible studies on campus, church-wide Friday Night Live worship service, and much more to strengthen the campus faith community and give students the opportunity to explore or grow in their faith throughout their Bryn Mawr experience.

ContactHelen Xiu


Jewish Voice Peace*

We’re organizing a grassroots, multiracial, cross-class, intergenerational movement of U.S. Jews into solidarity with Palestinian freedom struggle. If you’ve been looking for a political home for Jews on the left in this perilous moment; if you’ve been wanting a Jewish community with justice at the center; if you’ve been looking to turn your rage and grief into meaningful, strategic action: Join us. You belong here.


Muslim Students Association (MSA)

We, the Muslim Students Association, are a religious organization dedicated to maintaining Islamic communities on the Bryn Mawr College campus. Our intended audience is the Muslim students of Bryn Mawr College.

ContactFatima Irfan


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Service, Activism and Outreach


Adelante is a partnership with the Career and Civic Engagement Center and the nonprofit ACLAMO in Norristown. We provide STEM enrichment to middle schoolers in the Adelante program at ACLAMO.

ContactKyle Bledsoe


Bryn Mawr Service Club

The Bryn Mawr Service Club is for students interested in serving the local community and the greater Philadelphia area in different ways. We coordinate once a month volunteer opportunities as well as a fundraiser over the course of the semester.

ContactSena Kaper-Dale 


Feminist Coalition

Fem-Co's goal is to advocate for women and transgender rights, bring awareness about period poverty for women of color, and redistribute feminine hygiene products as well as contraceptives on campus.

ContactKylie McCombs


Healthcare Transportation Club

The goal of this club is to provide students with free transportation to medical appointments, pharmacy trips, etc. We will use van-certified student volunteers to drive their peers to appointments using college vans. This club will also meet to discuss and draw attention to other health disparities on campus.

ContactAnam Rawoof


Hospice Volunteering Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to aid and give back to the hospice community. Members will learn more about what hospice is and how to deal with death. This club will work with Compassus Hospice in Newtown Square.

ContactGillyoung Koh


Overbrook Art Club

We partner with Overbrook Elementary School to do art with elementary school students. We plan projects and help the children make crafts by handing out supplies, answering questions, spending time with the children, and making the project alongside them. Volunteers don’t need any previous experience with teaching or making art.

ContactPhoebe Bock


Owl Ambassadors

Owl Ambassadors is a volunteer program where students meet and talk to prospective & admitted students, students who are interested in BMC! They host overnight visits, take students to lunch on campus, and walk students to class - all while sharing their advice and experiences! They help make the college search process easier for those doing it & help give a clear and honest picture about Bryn Mawr as a whole!

ContactBethany Wisdom


Sunrise Bryn Mawr

Sunrise Bryn Mawr is a student-led organization that strives to create and promote climate justice for all. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive movement on the Bryn Mawr campus that allows for education about the climate crisis and invites all people to join in our quest to end it. Sunrise is a nation-wide, youth-led organization. Our hub coordinates with other hubs to plan rallies, marches, fundraisers while also supporting local climate organizations and actions. Our broad goals include ending the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives in our politics, electing leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of people, and making climate change an urgent priority across America.

ContactKatie Schroeer


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)*

The IRS's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs offer free basic tax return preparation to qualified individuals. The VITA program has operated for over 50 years. VITA sites offer free tax help to people who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns, including: people who generally make $60,000 or less, persons with disabilities; and limited English-speaking taxpayers. Bryn Mawr and Haverford VITA prepare taxes for clients at CADCOM in Norristown.

ContactMia Lau


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Special Interest

Anime Club

The Anime Club provides a comfortable space for Bryn Mawr community members who enjoy anime (Japanese animation) or manga (Japanese graphic novels) to relax and meet other students on campus with similar interests. The club holds weekly meetings to watch, discuss, and learn about anime/manga, runs events such as movie nights and club outings, and organizes a yearly trip to a nearby anime convention. We also aim to spread the different ways members can engage with anime such as through art, crafts, cooking, and cosplays.

ContactVenus Villon


Aquatics Club

Aquatics Club is a space for students to gather and express their love for all things water! Our routine meetings involve swimming at the campus pool but we also pride ourselves on water-related popup events throughout the semester for students to relax and have fun. It is an opportunity to take a break from academics and does not require any specific expertise in aquatics, like lifeguarding or water sports. It is open to anyone who wants to enjoy the water and come swim and play with us!

ContactLilah Goldman


Bi-Co Film Society*

A place for film lovers throughout the Bryn Mawr and Haverford communities to watch and discover old or new favorite films.

ContactBina Lee


Bi-Co Genshin Club*

Bi-Co Genshin is a student-run club committed to creating a space for fans of Genshin Impact in the Bi-Co to share their interest for the game and play together! We host biweekly meetings at Dalton 119, Welkin giveaways, and trivia nights to engage this community! We also have a discord server where we chat, share builds and tips, and make announcements.

ContactAndrea Brokate Castillo 


 BMC Outdoor Club

The BMC Outdoor Club creates a space for students to explore their outdoor interests including, but not limited to, hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, and biking. We lead frequent day trips throughout the semester, as well overnight trips during breaks. Participation for each activity is decided by a sign-up sent out the week before, meaning that members are not required to attend every outing. We welcome any student to join us, regardless of previous experience or knowledge of the outdoors.

ContactHelen Christ


Bryn Mawr College Baking Club

Bryn Mawr Baking Club aims to bring students together through baking! Bryn Mawr does not have any dorms besides specialty housing where communal cooking & baking are possible, so we are trying to provide that! Members collaborate to make delicious treats every week as well as listen to music, decorate, hang out and laugh!

ContactNaveah Diaz


Bryn Mawr College Emergency Medical Services (BMCEMS)

Bryn Mawr College Emergency Medical Services (BMCEMS) is a 100% student-led, student-staffed volunteer organization dedicated to providing Bryn Mawr College with the highest quality emergency medical care. Our goal is to determine the appropriate route of care for the patient’s individual needs, and ultimately ensure the health and safety of the Bryn Mawr community. In addition to our medical services, BMCEMS offers training in the form of our training corps and trainings open to the campus community. Our training corps is designed to allow potential members to explore EMS and decide if it's right for them. We also offer CPR classes, Narcan classes, and other community events with the goal of increasing transparency in EMS and empowering our community with knowledge that can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

ContactOlivia Colace


Bryn Mawr College Zine Club

BMC Zine Club is a club for students interested in small press publishing, for the purpose of sharing art, literature, fanworks, important information and activism. We host meetings to share ideas and create community among zine enthusiasts, and events to facilitate the sale and distribution of zines.

ContactClio Morbello


Bryn Mawr Quiz Bowl

Bryn Mawr College Quiz Bowl is an academic trivia team that participates in National Academic Quiz Tournaments. This club will have weekly practices to answer and write questions and work on buzzer skills. This is a fun way to learn more and practice your trivia skills! We also plan to host occasional trivia nights.

ContactEva Ackley


Call of Duty Mobile Club

COD mobile club offers a safe space to play COD mobile, build community, and destress.

ContactEleanor Henson


Campfire Club

The purpose of this club is to host fires with hopes to instill in its members a respect for fire safety, fire building, and good conversation.

ContactMaya Carlino


Cottagecore palate*

To educate our college community (Bryn Mawr & Haverford) about the local native edibles as well as land stewardship. We educate on the sustainability of foraging and the extensive health benefits of foraged edibles. We also host nature craft events that promote mental health and wellbeing. This is a club for those who share in the love of plants and mushrooms and would love to learn more about the medicinal and nutritional benefits of the everyday organisms around us, and those who also want to participate in nature/mushroom/plant themed crafts.

ContactJordyn Strunk 



MUNCH is a club dedicated to eating good food in the local Bryn Mawr area, ranging from carne asada tacos to fried chicken and waffles, from teppanyaki to bucatini alla' amatriciana, from egg tarts to ratatouille and more! We are so excited to explore the wide variety of cuisines and food options around Bryn Mawr College, and are open to all, including those with all sorts of dietary restrictions. Please don't hesitate to join, and feel free to suggest new restaurants or cafes to try for the greater group! We are hoping to meet on a bimonthly basis, but will also work with the schedules of the everyone to make this club an experience that all can participate in.

ContactAleydis Barnes 


Gluten Free Club

The purpose of this club is to connect gluten-free students via activities like gluten-free dinners and bakery trips, share lifestyle tips and experiences, and cook and bake together. We also advocate to administration and dining services for more inclusive dining options.

ContactKarleigh Bath


Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out is a silly presentations club that fosters a laidback and constructive environment for those of us interested in taking on the stage. Even those who don’t want to present will have fun watching and learning from other students! While our topics may not be serious, we will provide helpful public speaking tips as well. We will also play fun, public-speaking-related games to get each other talking and learning. Be prepared to laugh!

Contact: Emily Chau


Knitting and Crochet Club

Knitting and Crochet Club is a community of fiber arts creators who pool resources and knowledge! We are a safe space for crafters of all backgrounds; we provide free yarn and training in knitting and crochet.

ContactMaddie Thomas


Maximum Whimsy

Maximum Whimsy is a club dedicated to turning everyday parts of campus into unusual experiences. Through creating interactive spaces, we encourage imagination, play, and adventure in the lives of the busy student body and staff at Bryn Mawr. We do a few projects every year, ending with a display that is up for all of finals week and focuses on relaxation. Help others escape the grind. Create a world of pure imagination. Come dream for a while.

ContactAnna Lowrance


Poker Club

Poker club provides a casual and welcoming space for students of all skill levels to learn and play poker games. We hope to create a safe environment to enjoy playing poker and other betting games without the pressure of actual betting. There is absolutely no experience needed to join!

ContactTabitha Cowan


Tea Club

Tea Club aims to provide an opportunity to destress from everyday life while also showcasing the wonderful world of tea and enjoying a positive community space.

ContactPiper Farmer


The Bryn Mawr Book Club

The Bryn Mawr Book Club is a place for book lovers to meet and discuss a monthly book! We want to give students the space to read for fun, not just academics and provide a community of others who share their love of reading!

ContactSarah Maxine Bleil 


The First Page*

The First Page’s purpose is to provide a safe space for people who enjoy creative writing, no matter the genre or experience level! We connect peer readers, have writing workshops, and attend readings and conferences. We hope to foster a welcoming and encouraging intercollege writing community and provide a support system at college and beyond.

ContactSofia Azuara


Wander BMC

Wander BMC (Walking - Adventure - Nature - Discovery - Exercise - Relaxation), also known as causal walking club, is a club devoted to providing a community of students to wander and explore new places while offering a non strenuous exercise option. We offer quick casual walks around campus in addition to local excursions through urban, suburban, and rural environments.

ContactJosie de Leeuw


Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club

Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club provides a space for students to gather and celebrate the most important meal of the day: breakfast! Our group allows students to get together in order to nourish not only our bodies but also our souls!

ContactHannah Kreider



Our organization aims to provide a safe and accepting space for students to realize ultimate life values through a variety of self-exploratory means from cartomancy, astrology to Jungian archetypes with professional guidance. Our intended audience is students who are interested in mysticism and the occult.

ContactJie Ji


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Aikido Club

Aikido Club is a Bryn Mawr Club working to introduce people to the martial art Aikido. Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art that uses momentum, throws, and joint manipulations to subdue an attacker. Aikido Club members will train weekly at Old City Aikido, a dojo in Philadelphia. This club is open to all skill levels!

ContactRosa Bieber-Stanley 


BMC Softball Club

We are a Club Sport that welcomes all BMC students to come together to play softball, all levels of experience are welcome. We hold softball practices and scrimmages throughout the year.

ContactSena Kaper-Dale


Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance

As the Bryn Mawr College Athletic Alliance, we are a group of scholar athletes of Color dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring that all scholar athletes of Color can thrive and succeed in an inclusive, accessible environment. We aim to provide resources and spaces to empower scholar athletes of Color through their experiences, progress, and achievements. We aim to celebrate scholar athletes of Color, their accomplishments, and their contributions to Bryn Mawr Athletics and Bryn Mawr College. We aim to collaborate with other women/students on campus to uplift the voices of the often invisible members of Bryn Mawr College. We aim to ensure that all students are notified and aware with full transparency of the plans of BMC Athletic Administration to combat racism in athletics and the institution as a whole.

ContactKayla Camille 


Bryn Mawr Cheer Team

The Bryn Mawr Cheer Team learns and rehearses cheer routines to perform at various sporting events throughout the academic year. This low-commitment club fosters belonging on campus through a variety of different dance styles. We also practice stunts!

ContactSofia Vinci


Bryn Mawr College Equestrian Club

Are you enthusiastic about horses? Enjoy riding or interested in learning? Join the Bryn Mawr College Equestrian Club! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we offer riding opportunities tailored to your skill level. Not into riding? No problem! We organize a variety of equine-related activities and engaging club events throughout the year. Our goal is to provide every Bryn Mawr student with a chance to explore the equestrian world, regardless of their experience. If you have any questions or simply want to learn more, don't hesitate to email us at!

ContactGaby Hodor


Bryn Mawr Intramural Soccer

The purpose of this organization is to create an opportunity for fun group-exercises, to teach members more about soccer, and share our enthusiasm for the game.

ContactVirginia Durcan


Bryn Mawr Rock Climbing Club

The purpose of the Bryn Mawr College Climbing Club is to provide an opportunity for the students of Bryn Mawr College to learn and participate in climbing and bouldering. Climbing is an activity that improves quality of life and may help students lead happier, healthier lives. Not only does it significantly improve physical strength and agility, it also increases mental strength, reduces stress, teaches valuable life skills, and gives a deeper respect for the environment. We emphasize those traits not only through our weekly trips but also through skills lessons that help beginning climbers become more thoughtful, efficient, and powerful climbers. BMC Climbing Club aims to build a supportive community within the club and between club members and the greater climbing community.

ContactAbby Champlin


Capoeira Club

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art that incorporates dance and music. This club aims to create an inclusive environment to participate in the martial art and learn about the culture. It is open to anybody, with any amount of experience, whether they just heard about capoeira or have been practicing for years!!!

ContactLucia Roman Harter


Fencing Club

The Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club (Vixens) is a competitive club that practices and teaches fencing in a supportive environment. We compete in individual tournaments, collegiate events including the Temple Open, and team events in the Baltimore­ Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference (BWCFC), the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC), and the National Intercollegiate Women's Fencing Association (NIWFA) in all three weapons (foil, epee, sabre). No previous experience or equipment required! 

ContactHannah Gordon



We are a group of students that work out at Upper Merion Dance & Gymnastics Academy in King of Prussia, PA. The group is comprised of former competitive gymnasts, enthusiastic newcomers, and just about everything in between. We aim to open the sport to a wider audience and provide an opportunity for Bryn Mawr and Haverford students to use gymnastics and circus equipment. We will help members at any level to improve their gymnastics skills by increasing flexibility, strength, courage, and skill level.

ContactJenna Krussman


Ping Pong Club

Ping pong club aims to gather students together to enjoy the fun of playing ping pong (aka table tennis).

ContactJasmine Wu


Playground Games Club

We meet about once a week and play our favorite playground games!

ContactPhoebe Bock


Ski & Snowboard Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to involve more students in a sport that they can participate in for a lifetime. Our mission is to provide free opportunities for BMC students to try skiing and snowboarding for the first time, or to maintain their interests in this expensive sport while living here at Bryn Mawr.

ContactGillyoung Koh


Sneetch Ultimate*

Sneetch Ultimate is a Bi-Co club sports team open to women, non-binary, and trans athletes of all skill levels. We practice three days a week and compete in three to five tournaments each semester against opponents from all across the country. We strive to be competitive at the highest level of college ultimate, and recently we attended D3 College Nationals in both 2022 and 2023. At our core, the Sneetches value good spirit, having fun, and fostering an inclusive community.

ContactAmy Tse


Swing Dance Club

To allow students to learn and experience swing dance in a welcoming community with experienced teachers.

ContactMilena Lewis


Taekwondo Club

The Taekwondo Club offers classes to BMC students. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo Club aims to teach self-defense through punch and kick techniques. During our club meetings, we hope to provide space where students can destress and create a supportive community where martial arts lovers and learners can come together. Taekwondo Club is open to all students of all skill levels, including beginners..

ContactHandrin Khoja 


The Pickleball Club

The Pickleball Club provides a dedicated time and space for those who enjoy or would like to try the sport of pickleball! The PBC fosters a welcoming and uplifting environment wherein participants learn, improve their skills, and most importantly have fun.

ContactIsabel Link


Trail Running Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote Bryn Mawr College’s student access to nature, to create a supportive, inclusive, and fun student relationship to public and state parks in the vicinity of Bryn Mawr through a shared love of running, jogging, or walking.

ContactCamryn Karis-Sconyers


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