Special Academic Programs

Bryn Mawr’s innovative curriculum offers students unique experiences in and out of the classroom.

Special Programs

360° is an interdisciplinary experience that creates an opportunity to participate in a cluster of multiple courses connecting students and faculty in a single semester (or in some cases across contiguous semesters) to focus on common problems, themes, and experiences for the purposes of research and scholarship.

The Tri-Co Philly Program is a non-residential program that provides students both curricular and co-curricular activities in Philadelphia.

The Q Project supports the development of mathematical, logical, computational, and statistical problem-solving skills that are required in quantitative disciplines across the College's curriculum.

The Emily Balch Seminars open the door to the rigorous inquiry that shapes Bryn Mawr's curriculum. As you choose courses to satisfy requirements, you'll explore different approaches to inquiry — including empirical investigation, critical interpretation, cross-cultural analysis, and inquiry into the past — that focus the lens through which you view the world and increase your awareness of the world's complexity.


All prospective teaching assistants are required to attend the Pre-Employment TA Language Workshop.

Bryn Mawr has long had a strong tradition of language instruction. Students of French and Russian benefit from two intensive summer programs that attract students from colleges and universities across the U.S.

Other Programs and Opportunities

Combined Degrees offer advanced courses that can allow students to earn a master's degree either at the same time as a bachelor's degree or one year later.

Praxis is an experiential learning program that integrates theory and practice through student engagement in active, relevant fieldwork that is integrated into academic courses.