STEM in the Liberal Arts Program

Our Purpose

Bryn Mawr College’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the Liberal Arts (STEMLA) program is a free, interdisciplinary, college-transition and mentorship program designed for limited-income undergraduate students entering Bryn Mawr College.

The STEMLA program was established to facilitate limited-income students' academic exploration, personal enrichment, and professional success.  Constructed on a foundation of evidence-based psychosocial research and best practices, the program works to ensure that Fellows are provided the necessary support and mentorship to not only persist in STEM, but to succeed in STEM fields at Bryn Mawr and beyond.

To do this, we work to empower Fellows as they undertake a four-year process of exploration, self-discovery, and identity building. The program centers around the development of a STEM identity, community and belonging, and career exploration, all of which are recognized as significant contributors to persistence and success in STEM.

Our Mission

The mission of the STEM in the Liberal Arts program is to partner with and support limited income students from matriculation to graduation and beyond. We believe that limited-income students bring with them unique and valuable lived experiences that have the power to propel scientific discovery forward. As such, we see it as our duty to empower Fellows and cultivate their unique perspectives, skills, and attributes in a way that provides a solid foundation for success at Bryn Mawr and in their post-graduate lives. We work to ensure that Fellows not only persist through their respective majors, but thrive both in and outside the classroom with the support of a strong community and a thoughtfully constructed support network. We aim to provide spaces for Fellows to simultaneously explore interests and passions, no matter what they are, on the path toward discovering a career that is both fulfilling and aligns with their respective values.


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