Meet the Fellows

Meet the Current STEMLA Fellows


Esénia Bañuelos (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Education and Linguistics

Interests: I am really interested in pursuing dual Education and Linguistics majors, with the goal of eventually achieving a Master’s (or potentially Doctorate!) in both fields. I am extremely interesting in improving accessibility both in the classroom and on campus for neurodiverse and disabled individuals as an SGA Access Services Co-Head, and my goal is to one day ensure equal access in every classroom for all. Outside of class, I love theatre and am a passionate member of both the Shakespeare Performance Troupe and Hypotheticals & Co. I am also an affinity group historian for the Institutional Memory Committee, a historian for neurodiverse and disabled people, a student worker at Uncommon and Showcase Comics & Games, and a writer for the Bi-College News & Digital Scholarship.

Leila Byerly headshot

Leila Byerly (she/they)


Prospective Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Interests: I'm pursuing a career in biomedical research, but I am also interested in everything having to do with outer space. I'm also a bit of a grandma because I love cats, tea, classical music, and crafts like knitting, embroidery, and sewing.

Summer 2023 Plans: I will be doing a short internship at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland.


Jack Carlson (any pronouns)


Prospective Major: Environmental Studies

Interests: I am interested in continuing to study mycology while branching out into other plant sciences and studies including ecology and conservation. Specifically, I am hoping to study the effects of human's perceptions of nature on nature itself and on how societies have evolved around those ideas. Additionally, I am hoping to continue to play the cello and make music and art!


Nyemma DeAndrade


Prospective Major(s): Neuroscience or Biology

Sarabjit Dhillon STEMLA '26

Sarabjit Dhillon (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Interests: As an intended Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major, I hope to continue my research on macrophages and would be thrilled to take a deeper look into DNA methylation in the future as well. I am on the pre-med track, and I look forward to working at a Southern California hospital such as Pomona Valley Hospital to serve the inland empire as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist. While in practice, I would like to actively be involved in helping low income, undocumented, and other underrepresented individuals access medical care and healthcare education. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, reading (my favorite genre is historical fiction), and being outside!

Lab Experience: Williamson's Lab working to reorganize modular components of engulfment receptors to design phagocytes that recognize and engulf neurodegenerative brain debris such as amyloid and tau.

Amanda E.

Amanda Edelmayer (she/her)


Interests: I enjoy character art and design, indie horror games, period dramas, and rocks! Geology is fascinating to me. I have a huge mineral collection in my dorm with over 100 samples. My favorite is a huge chunk of amethyst gifted to me by my brother. She's chipped and faded with age, but she was the very first mineral to come into my collection.


Nshimirimana Evelyne STEMLA '25

Nshimirimana Evelyne (she/they)


Major: Neuroscience

Interests: On campus, I am part of a team called Haverritmo which at first was a hip-hop, Latinex dance group, but we have expanded into multi-cultural dances. I am also a CDA (Community Diversity Assistant). This semester I took a break from Badminton but in the upcoming semester, I will be able to rejoin the group again. I am also part of the woodwind ensemble at Swarthmore College. I play the clarinet. I'm also working on creating a teach-in based on Anti-Black Linguistic Racism.



Caelin Foley

Caelin Foley (she/her)


Major: Biology; Health Studies & Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies Minors

Interests: I am interested in continuing my research in the Williamson and Lambert labs at Bryn Mawr & CHOP respectively; I have a strong interest in immunology and hematology, and would like to do research in sickle cell anemia in the future. I am debating between graduate school and pursuing a Ph.D. or attending medical school and becoming a physician-scientist.

Lab Experience:  Williamson Lab - Cis and trans interactions within Draper

Summer 2023 Plans: Basic Science Institute Summer Research Program at Johns Hopkins University



Elli Gasaway


Prospective Major: Anthropology

Interests: I want to get a Ph.D. in ethnobotany, which is the study of how humans use plants, particularly in medicinal, religious, and social contexts.

Meltem Genc

Meltem Genc (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Mathematics and Economics; Data Science Minor

Interests: My future career interests include doing a 4+1 Engineering Program with UPenn and working in the Quantitative Finance or Systems Engineering field. My general fun interests are playing tennis, going to concerts, and traveling with friends!

Lab Experience: Asja's Physics Lab working on confirming pollen development outside of anther in an appropriate solution (plant media).

Galilea GIl STEMLA '26

Galilea Gil (she/they)


Prospective Major: Biology



Emma Heckmann (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Neuroscience, Pre-Med, Environmental Studies




Charlee Hutt (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Chemistry and Art

Interests: My junior year of high school I did research in a pharmaceutical lab that focused on new drug discoveries. This led me to wanting to pursue a PharmD and a PhD in chemistry. I would like to continue research in drug discovery catered towards women's reproductive health. Combining my interests in science and art, I'm interested in studying medical illustration or even obtaining an MFA in oils and ceramics.


Suli Kamholtz-Roberts (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biochemistry (Pre-Health Track); Spanish Minor

Interests: I'm working towards becoming a nurse practitioner for women's health. I love going on walks outside, gardening, baking, crocheting, and dancing!

Lab Experience: I work as an assistant in Dr. Plummer's lab doing research about the structures of bacterial membranes linked to cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

Summer 2023 Plans: Studying abroad through IES in Salamanca Spain


Rowan Killina '26

Rowan Killina (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Classics and English; Biology Minor

Interests: I like creative writing, knitting, and snails. I hope to volunteer at the Snail Extinction Prevention Program in Oahu, Hawaii and plan to be an author.


Sophia Kim (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biology 

Interests: I hope to pursue a career in medicine, more specifically in the field of pediatrics. However, I am open to exploring many diverse topics at Bryn Mawr, such as neuroscience, health studies, and art history. In coming years, I hope to participate in research that focuses on immunology, as well. Apart from academics, I love to sing, watch movies, and play badminton.


Calliope Lanier (she/her)


Prospective Major: Philosophy

Interests: I'm interesting in pursuing a career in Philosophy. I don't have a concentration yet, but I want to learn more about Philosophy of Science and how studying science and philosophy together is possible.



Kaili Martinez-Beasley (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Mathematics and/or Sociology 

Interests: During my time at Bryn Mawr, I'd like to explore the field of data science. More specifically, I want to observe its intersection with sociology and see how STEM as a whole can be used to address various social issues. Some of my interests outside of academics include playing solitaire, trying to get through the unread books in my book collection, cooking for myself and my family, or doing some zany project or activity with my friends.


Lily Muehlenhard (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Geology or Physics 

Interests: Geophysics, drawing, baking, pestering my cats, and taking strolls around campus.



Ahlaam Musa (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biochemistry

Interests: I love reading, playing the violin, and going on walks! In the future, I hope to become an obstetrician or a researcher in chemistry.


Mahnoor Nasir (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Biochemistry or Neuroscience

Interests: I would like to explore STEM in terms of education. Exploring ways to increase accessibility to a strong foundational STEM education is something I'm really interested in.

Summer 2023 Plans: I will be working in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.


Leila 2

Leila N'Diaye (she/they)


Major: Biology 

Interests: My research interests include Herpetology, Ecology and Reproductive Biology. I also enjoy camping, roadtrips, and Mario Kart.

Summer 2023 Plans: I will be participating in the Sevilleta Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the University of New Mexico


Ninel Páez Carrión (she/her)


Prospective Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med Track)

Interests: I plan to go into the medical field in hopes of being a surgeon. I am on the Bryn Mawr Crew team, and I aspire to continue this sport after college.




McKayla Reyer (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Computer Science and Spanish

Interests: I am a part of Bryn Mawr's cross-country and track teams! I like to go on long runs and enjoy nature. I love animals, specifically bugs and spiders! I have two pet jumping spiders and two pet Madagascar cockroaches. 

Rezwana Sarder

Rezwana Sarder (she/her)


Prospective Major: Neuroscience/Pre-Health

Interests: I plan to pursue a career in the medical field, hopefully as a doctor if everything works out the way I want it to. I'm not exactly sure what specialty I want to do yet, but psychiatry and internal medicine are strong contenders for me. I'm looking forward to participating in research that focuses on the nervous system in women and children, among other things. When I'm not doing homework or studying, I love doing community work and giving back to environments that have been pivotal to shaping who I am today. I also love reading the occasional book and am a huge Marvel fan.   


Hemani Sharma (she/they)


Prospective Major(s): Chemistry and Creative Writing

Interests: I'm interested in working as a forensic scientist and plan to achieve a Master's to do so. I love musicals, writing, the band "Lovejoy", and collecting odd knick-knacks for room decor. I plan to one day publish a book (or several) and I hope to become comfortable enough that I can have multiple pets (the current hopes are a raccoon, frog, snail, and/or fox).



Fiona Shen (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Neuroscience, Computer Science, Psychology

Interests: I love listening to music, singing, being active, crafting, reading, and journaling. I hope to research something related to why we think the way we do and how this impacts our everyday lives. 


Maryam Siddiqui (she/her)


Prospective Major: Computer Science 

Interests: I am interested in sewing and joining more clubs at BMC. 


Linnea Siderhurst (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Mathematics or Psychology 

Interests: Along with my interests in Math, Psychology, (and maybe Mathematical Psychology), I love to dance and create art. I am currently a part of HaverRitmo, a Hip hop and Latin Dance team at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges and I would like to continue dancing even if it is not my career path. I would also love to find a way to connect my passion for art and dance with my STEM interests!


Anna Skiba (any pronouns)


Prospective Major(s): Biology, Environmental Science, or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Interests: Ecology, Entomology, and making art.



Jo Smith '26

Jo Smith (they/them)


Prospective Major: Biology

Interests: Russian language, plant medicine, travel, agriculture, hiking, camping

Lab Experience: Mozdzer's lab working on the C-EVO project, counting reproductive samples.


Ella Sokulski (she/her)


Prospective Major(s): Archaeology and Art History

Interests: I am taking intro to classical archaeology this semester and I am really enjoying it. I hope to be able to partake in field work in the future and to explore multiple areas of archaeology. 

Autumn Soots

Autumn Soots (she/her)


Major: Neuroscience; Psychology and Biology Minors

Interests: I am interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research, specifically in developing pharmaceuticals and treatments for neurological disorders. I am also passionate about mental health and wellbeing, which led me to my current position as a Peer Health and Wellness Educator on campus. Outside of my academic life, I like to read, crochet, and volunteer at a local cat shelter. I'm originally from the mountains of North Carolina, so I also love to spend time outside exploring!  


Sarah Stephens

Sarah Stephens (she/they)


Major: Biology 

Interests: I am interested in immunology, oncology, effective altruism, and public health. My non-academic interests are rowing, collaging, puzzles and Minecraft.

Lab Experience: Williamson's Immunology Lab

Jownira Sultana

Jownira Sultana (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biology

Interests: In terms of my career, I want to become a pediatrician. In supporting that interest, I am interested in participating in research on Child Neurodevelopment. 



Mia Swanson


Prospective Major: English; Russian Minor

Interests: Outside of academics, I love classic rock and grunge music, coming-of-age movies, and cooking.

Grace Trembath

Grace Trembath (she/her)


Prospective Major: Biology; Spanish minor

Interests: I am very interested in biology (specifically anatomy and physiology) and I am thinking about pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I really like knitting.