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Campus Safety

Bryn Mawr College's Campus Safety Department operates continuously to provide a safe environment for our faculty, staff, students and visitors that is conducive to both academic achievement and social development.

The Campus Safety Department is located in the John J. Maloney Building in the Campus Safety Parking Lot also known as the Upper Science lot. The office provides 24-hour, seven-days-a-week services to the community that include security, fire safety, and parking. The department has a total of 24 staff members, 18 full time.

Campus Safety reports to the Chief Financial Officer of the College and cooperates with a variety of campus offices and organizations to enhance community safety. 

Emergency Contact Information

If off-campus and police assistance is required: dial 911

It is also recommended to call Campus Safety first before calling 911 but if you do require emergency police and other assistance, from any campus phone, please dial 8911. (For all outside calls from any campus phone you must press 8 first, then the phone number.) 

Reporting a Crime or Incident

In the event of a crime or medical emergency, community members, students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and other safety related incidents to the Bryn Mawr College Campus Safety Department in a timely manner by dialing x7911 or 610-526-7911. For more information, see the annual security and fire safety report.

Why do you see Local Police

Bryn Mawr College is located within Lower Merion Township and the streets that encompass our campus are also access roads for our neighbors in Bryn Mawr and are owned and maintained by the Township. By law, local police have jurisdiction over Bryn Mawr's campus and do provide services in a manner that is as supportive as possible to the Bryn Mawr Community.

Up To Date Weather

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 Lantern Van

The Lantern Van operates from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week while classes are in session. To request a transport, please call 610-526-7900 (extension 7900 on campus). After Lantern Van hours, please call the Campus Safety Department at 610-526-7911 for an escort. Should you have other questions pertaining to the Tri-College Transportation System, visit the Transportation website.

Student ID

Students are expected to carry their official identification card at all times on campus, and the ID card can be used to identify themselves to Campus Safety or other officials when requested. 

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Contact Us

Campus Safety Department

John Maloney Memorial Building
Phone: (610) 526-7911

Lil Burroughs
Bi-Co Executive Director, Campus Safety
Phone: (610) 526-7911