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Want help with a paper during finals (May 1-13)? Contact one of the tutors listed below to arrange a day/time and location. Conferences are still an hour, but can take place anywhere on campus or over Zoom.

NOTE: We help with final papers and projects in lieu of exams, but no self-scheduled or take-home exams. If you have any doubts about your instructor's policy on outside help, ask for permission before your Writing Center appointment.

Ananya Hindocha (ahindocha@bmc): Mornings or afternoons except Wednesdays

Regan Riehl (rmriehl@bmc): Any time except exam dates TBD (will negotiate with tutee)

Rachel Gass (rgass@bmc): Any time

Elle Thompson (emthompson@bmc): Mornings and evenings second week of finals

Mel Cleary (mcleary@bmc): MWF mornings and afternoons, TTh afternoons

Zoë Kaufmann (zkaufmann@bmc): 11am-2pm most days

Lillian Ernst (lernst@bmc): 12pm-3pm most days

Tessa Famatigan (tfamatigan@bmc): Mornings and afternoons except Fridays

Sydney Chun (schun@bmc): Any time

Bharati Ganesh (bganesh@bmc): Any time after May 4, prefer daytime

Graziella Pierangeli (gpierangel@bmc): Any time May 1-4

The Bryn Mawr College Writing Center offers free, individual consultations on writing and public speaking. Our undergraduate peer tutors can help you understand the assignment, generate ideas, support your argument, organize your essay or presentation, polish your writing style, and become a better editor.

The mission of the Writing Center is to bring writing out into the open, support writers as they grow, and promote agency and confidence in the members of our community. Our commitment to serving all community members means acknowledging and working against all forms of exclusion in academia.

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