Arts at Bryn Mawr

Appreciating, learning about, and creating art are vital to Bryn Mawr's campus culture. In this lively, diverse community, the arts build bridges to the wider world, stimulating intellectual and social growth.

The vitality of the arts on campus is evident in the way student artists cooperate to supervise studio space and sponsor workshops for the campus community or to rehearse with fellow students to present a capella concerts. Performance opportunities for students range from informal open-mike nights and student-organized ensembles to senior projects enriched by the superb facilities and technical expertise of the Bryn Mawr and Haverford arts programs, where Bryn Mawr and Haverford arts professors encourage their students to integrate their creative and intellectual lives.

Students may complete a minor in Dance or Theater and qualified students may submit an application to major in Dance or Theater through the independent major program. Students may complete a major in Fine Arts or a major or minor in Music at Haverford College. English majors may complete a concentration in Creative Writing.

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