Practice Rooms Policy: Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Practice Room and Classroom Use for Music Study

Click here to view the practice and study spaces for music at Bryn Mawr.

Practice Room Use for Spring 2024 begins Friday, January, 19, 2024. Online registration is now open. Students do not have to pick up keys, as doors to the practice rooms are open and unlocked when not in use. By registering for a practice room, students agree to follow the policies and processes stated below. Violations may result in the suspension of reservation privileges. Note: Access to practice rooms and classrooms may be limited or denied according to the current campus operations level of the Bryn Mawr College COVID Guidelines 2023-2024.

Reservation Policies

The practice rooms are scheduled in standard 60-minute slots. Students must use the room(s) only as scheduled, close the door while practicing, and leave the door open upon exit. Students must remove any reservations they will not use for any reason, including isolation or illness.


Remember to wipe the keys and bench with the provided wipes in the practice room. 

Note: Spills from food and drinks without lids can be damaging to the instruments and are strictly prohibited in the practice rooms.

The windows in all practice rooms must remain closed to regulate humidity levels to maintain the pianos.

Click the links below to register. 

Practice room 2 is reserved for students enrolled in academic music study. Practice rooms 3 and 4, are available to all students for academic music study or recreational use, however, academic music study is prioritized.

Solo and Group Music Study Policies

Students may schedule practice rooms for all types of solo music study, including piano, string instruments, percussion, wind instruments, flute, brass instruments, and vocal study. Practice rooms are limited to only one occupant at a time. Students are able to study unmasked, with the door closed, for singing and playing for one-hour increments with 30-minute breaks in between.

Classrooms A and B and the Music Room are available for individual lessons and small group lessons and rehearsals for piano, strings, and percussion only. Classrooms can be reserved on EMS or by emailing Faculty-supervised group practice and performance for flutes, woodwinds, and brass instruments is permitted if required by programmatic needs. Student groups or chamber groups without a faculty member present must remain masked. Small groups are limited to the capacity of each space, and social distancing is recommended. Please refer to the current campus operations level of the Bi-Co Mitigation Plan for current indoor mask requirements.

Stay Home if Experiencing Symptoms

Students experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, must cancel reservations and refrain from occupying a practice room.

Report Violations

Contact the Arts at Bryn Mawr at or 610-526-5300 when a practice room is not left clean or when community members are not following the terms of use. This is critical to maintaining a safe and functioning practice room program.

These policies were developed in consultation with members of the Bryn Mawr COVID-19 Operations Planning Group. The practice room policy may change in response to guidance from the College, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Contact the Arts at Bryn Mawr at or 610-526-5300 with questions or concerns.