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What was your most rewarding summer job or internship while at Bryn Mawr?

I spent a weeklong externship in the NYC office of Stern magazine. I got to visit the UPI newsroom, see a photo spread in progress for Parents magazine, etc. The week led to an office job that summer with Stern’s parent company, Gruner + Jahr publishing. — Katy Ayer ’83

Juvenile probation for the City of Philadelphia internship. It reinforced my desire to become a social worker and help address the many broken systems. — Jennifer Abeloff ’94

I was selected as part of an HHMI grant that the late Professor Paul Grobstein ran in 2009. We worked alongside K-12 educators to understand how neuroscience could help them develop course plans and learning objectives. It was a wonderful summer, and he was a great mentor. We all miss him! — Brielle Stark ’12

LILAC approved funding for me to attend an archaeology field school. It really broadened my career prospects. Super rewarding experience and gave me a great network that I’m still in touch with today. — Bridget Murray ’17

Working for House Rep Bob Wise from West Virginia and writing a white paper related to the escalating cases of pregnancy in his state. Turns out his wife went to Bryn Mawr. — Mary Kopczynski Winkler ’90

I worked as an intern research chemist at Kimberly-Clark during my BMC summers. I couldn’t have gotten it without the high-level coursework offered in the chem department, and I loved applying all my classes in a massive laboratory and at various paper mills. — Erin McBride ’00