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What are some cherished memories from your first year at Bryn Mawr?

“Returning to campus after winter break, I left 65-degree San Francisco to land in snowy Philadelphia. I had to abandon my suitcase in front of Taylor because it was so cold and the going was so rough. My roommate Kristy Weyhrich pulled my boots off as I came chattering into our Radnor room and warmed my feet.” — Jeanine Donohue ’87


“Watching the dogwood tree outside my freshman window change with the seasons. Dogwoods are now forever a symbol of change and growth to me.” — Laurel Rachmeler ’04

Katherine Hepburn

“At the end of my first year, my mother drove the seven hours alone to retrieve me. When she found out Katharine Hepburn was speaking at graduation, she decided we should stay on. Since she hadn’t planned to stay, she slept in my dorm room.” — Nikki Senecal ’88

“I still remember my first SGA meeting. It was exciting to be with such a large group of smart women!” — Susan Lee ’00

“I remember my first day. I walked into my room in Rhoads and saw one dresser on top of the other and my roommate’s bed touching my desk and thought, ‘My goodness I hope we get along.’” — Pierette Imbriano ’95

“Long Sunday brunches in Erdman with the New York Times shared between us all. Going to breakfast still in PJs. Chocolate donuts and tea on Friday morning in Great Hall.” — Danielle Dubow ’88