Crowd Source

How do you express your BMC pride in your daily life?

“BMC dark blue lantern night lights thanks to a crafty Mawrter on Etsy.” —Pat Neff ’78


“On my home office back wall is this regal owl. She reminds me weirdly of Mary Pat in all her glory. Also, two beautiful prints of the campus and a New Yorker cartoon.” — Jeanine Donohue ’87

Kondash Nguyen

“My first tattoo—got it right before our 20th Reunion.” —Margaret Kondash Nguyen ’98

“So, so many owls everywhere! Our Christmas tree has a full parliament every year.” —Sarah Spiegel ’07

“I have a ridiculous number of collectible owls—stuffies, wooden carvings, tiny vases, glass. One of my favorites is a Lalique crystal, and I always think of Professor Barbara Lane when I look at it because it was during one of her slide lectures I saw my first Lalique and was hooked.” —Kristin Manitzas Miles ’86

“I occasionally wear my BMC Geology T-shirt, but my Merion dragon tee doesn’t fit any more.” —Wendy Luck ’79

“I have a vanity license plate in homage, and I named my firstborn after the College as well!”—Diana Ducey Ludwick ’05