Crowd Source: What Did Wellness Mean to You When You Were a Bryn Mawr Student?

hand holding a mercury thermometer

Laura Blum Romano ’98
It meant attending therapy and a support group for people who had lost a loved one. It also meant me getting up at 6:30 every day to trudge across campus and work out in the gym when it was relatively quiet and was my space and time before my crazy schoolwork day began. I still remember the peaceful stillness of
the campus at that time ... then rewarding myself with a good breakfast at the cafeteria.

Health Center building surrounded by green trees and grass

Susan Messina ’86

Jen Shillingford teaching Wellness Classes in the early 1980s!

Marcia Cantarella ’68
Wellness meant avoiding the health center! 

Deborah Anne Jones Farquhar ’68|
1964–68: Wellness was mental wellness. It was a turbulent time. We were hopeful.

arrangement of blister pack, stethoscope, and thermometer

Diana Ducey Ludwick ’06
The wellness center used to mean the place I could get a paper envelope filled with salt for a sore throat. Today for me, wellness is a practice, an action verb!

Marion Snipes ’53
I never heard it used. More likely to say health or healthy.