Faculty Profile: Kathy Tierney

The soon-to-retire athletics director reflects on Bryn Mawr student-athletes' success on and off the field

Kathy Tierney stands with arms crossed, smiling, wearing a blue shirt

Kathy Tierney retires this spring as Bryn Mawr’s director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation, a post she has held for nearly 15 years. During her tenure, Tierney has overseen the complete renovation of the Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center and led a program where student-athletes have achieved numerous successes on and off the field. Tierney also helped establish the Homecoming tradition, an annual fall weekend that honors historic achievements, connection opportunities for old teammates, and fan-packed contests against local rivals.

Key moment
“One of the pivotal meetings during my interview was with a group of student-athletes. I was so impressed with how thoughtful, insightful, and invested they were in the process of choosing the new athletic director.”

One step at a time
“I consider myself a pretty patient person, and patience has helped me recognize that change happens incrementally.”

The right fit
“A competitive Division III experience is a great fit for a rigorous academic institution and requires a focus on what is best for the student.”

High point
“Witnessing our athletes and team grow in confidence and experience the joys of being on a teams and testing themselves in competition.”

Hopes and dreams
“I hope to see continued improvement of the student-athlete experience and for the athletes, coaches, and staff to experience more frequently the joys of more victories and hopefully championships.”