What's Your Favorite Winter Memory of Bryn Mawr?

Mawrters reminisce about braving snowstorms, traying, making snow angels, and even building an igloo.

Brielle Stark ’94: Blizzard of 2010! Here's my friend behind Rhodes looking toward the playing field.


Melissa Bramble @Mawrter1999: When my Customs Group mates from Florida, Arizona, and Texas went out to play in the snow for their first time ever.

Brooke Stengel Fitzgerald ’91: I still cherish my tray.


Susan King ’63: A coal fire in the Rock hall fireplace and after-dinner demitasse.

Amy Michener-Wall ’89: I recall a classmate who, during a dreary snowstorm, built an igloo on the green between Pem West and the Great Hall.

Avery Martin ’12: This was some great freshman year bonding.


Stephanie Nebel ’05: Walking down to the PSB way too early in the morning to finish a mineralogy lab. The path had completely frozen over the night before and was a skating rink, so my friends and I slid down the hill using a copy of The New York Times that we had collected in the dining hall at breakfast. There were little bits of newspaper marking our descent on that hill for days! Also: traying with friends!

Carol Linden ’70 In my day (class of 1970), we were not allowed to wear slacks or pants to class. Walking from Rockefeller to the Science Building was ^&*)*ing miserable in knee-deep snow. Hmm...not sure this qualifies as a “favorite” memory.

Reshma Menghani ’02 Making snow angels.