Find Praise for January

Shirley Van Cleef Sullivan '63

In Find Praise for January, a collection of contemporary poems, Shirley Van Cleef Sullivan ’63 explores the themes of aging, divorce, cancer, and loss, while celebrating the elegance and healing to be found in the natural world. (Bookbar Press, 2021)

Shirley Van Cleef Sullivan has been a trail cook in the Rockies, a student of French clowning, and a classical singer. She has studied the work of Carl Jung for more than 20 years and is a leader with the Guild for Sacred Studies. She was an editor of HeartLodge, and a participant in Braided Lives, a collaboration between painters and poets. Her poems have appeared in several journals, including Pilgrimage, Psychological Perspectives, Tiger's Eye, and Sow's Ear. A New Englander by birth, she has lived in Colorado most of her adult life.