Launching the Navy Family Support Program

Ann O’Keefe ’56

Launching the Navy Family Support Program: A Heartfelt Blend of History and Memoir by Ann O’Keefe ’56 tells of those who built the Navy Support Program. Now known as Fleet and Family Support Centers, the Family Support Centers were created in the 1970s to provide holistic and comprehensive support for sailors and their families. Part historical account, part memoir, this book tells of the early days of the program and how it progressed during O'Keefe's six-year tenure as its first director. 

"In producing her narrative and adding a compilation of experiences with the program, Dr. O’Keefe has performed a herculean effort to capture an aspect of naval history that tends to be overlooked. To quote Admiral Hayward who wrote the Foreword: 'This book is her story. Read it with anticipation and gratitude. It is a history that cries out to be recorded and preserved.'" ―

A portion of the proceeds go to organizations benefiting service members, veterans, and their families. (self published, 2019)