Lorca After Life

Noel Valis,
M.A. ’70, Ph.D. ’75

Lorca After Life by Noel Valis, M.A. ’70, Ph.D. ’75 offers a reflection on Federico García Lorca’s life, his haunting death, and his enduring fame in the modern world. Lorca’s execution at the start of the Spanish Civil War launched many of the poet’s afterlives as the people’s poet, a gay icon, and a fabled member of a dead poets’ society. Andrés Zamora of Vanderbilt University described the book as: “A galaxy of critical insights into the cultural shock waves circling and crisscrossing Lorca’s execution and his unknown resting place, there is not a single book on Lorca like this one.” (Yale University Press, 2022)


Book cover for Lorca After Life