Shifting Time: African American Artists 2020-2021

Klare Scarborough, Ph.D. ’05, and Berrisford Boothe

Shifting Time: African American Artists 2020-2021, co-edited by Klare Scarborough, Ph.D. ’05, with Berrisford Boothe, offers insight into how Black artists have reflected on the emotional and cultural challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice movements, and political upheaval. Over 70 African American artists are highlighted in the book, along with personal essays, poetry, and 214 illustrations. Assistance was provided by editorial intern Aaliyah R. Joseph, ’22.

As Lewis Tanner Moore writes in the foreword: “If we look to the artists, in this volume and elsewhere, we will hear the call and response of the world screaming and the artists answering the challenges of the moment.” (Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African American Art, 2023)

Shifting Time book cover