State-of-the-Art Cohousing: Lessons Learned from Quimper Village

Alexandria Levitt and Charles Durrett

State-of-the-Art Cohousing: Lessons Learned from Quimper Village by Alexandria Levitt ’84 and Charles Durrett. Current studies show that isolation and loneliness can have a terrible health impacts so finding a way to live that promotes happiness, mental health and real autonomy is more important than ever. Cohousing for adults 55+ has proven to be an innovative and cost-effective model that illustrates how living in a highly functional neighborhood improves health, reduces the need for senior services, enhances individual contributions on a larger scale, and makes life more affordable and fun. 

This book, co-written with Quimper Village architect Charles Durrett, relates how that state-of-the-art senior cohousing community, was created, designed, and built. (Habitat Press, 2020)

“This book is a story that embraces vision, creativity and honesty and the concrete steps to build an intentional community.  It also is a good read with a well-written text, great photos, interviews and lessons learned.  It is a primer to those interested in cohousing and of value to anyone curious about aging well in a community designed by its members.”--Helen Dennis, gerontologist and Successful Aging columnist