Victoria, Queen of the Screen

Leigh Ehlers Telotte ’71

Both in life and death, Queen Victoria is among the most popular monarchs to be committed to film. Victoria, Queen of the Screen by Leigh Ehlers Telotte ’71 examines the evolution of Victoria’s on-screen image—from satirical cartoons of the 19th century and silent films to the TV shows, video games, and webcomics of the 21st—and demonstrates how the protean Victoria character has evolved, ultimately meaning many different things to many different people in many different ways. (McFarland Books, 2020)

Leigh Ehlers Telotte has published essays in various academic journals on the Gothic novel, including The Old English Baron and Melmoth the Wanderer, and on the role of women in Tristram Shandy. She has taught English at the college level and worked as an information technology project manager. She lives in Smyrna, Georgia.