The Virtual Step Sing

Shout out to Magda Pecsenye ’94 for kicking off a Virtual Step Sing—and to the nearly 1,000 Mawrters who participated.

Magda Pecsenye ’94: On Saturday I asked @camdenthecockapoo, “What if we had a Virtual Step Sing on Zoom?” and she liked the idea, so here we are.

@tazarazzi: Tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to sing with my Bryn Mawr sisters on the #virtualstepsing. ... I was reminded of all the nurturing sisters who have played a major role in my metamorphosis over the last decade. Thank you, sisters. Be well! Keep spreading your wings and soaring high.

Angel Kaur ’07: In this crazy world, about 1,000 Bryn Mawr grads/current students got together tonight through Zoom and Facebook Live to hold an honored tradition of Step Sing—where we drink, sing songs, raise lanterns, scream, laugh, cry, hug, and share love. And we did just that. And for a moment everything was okay, and I was home. I don’t know what miracle landed me at Bryn Mawr all those years ago, but I am forever grateful. Anassa kata my lovely Mawrters. And another Anass for Magda Pecsenye!


Mari Hadden ’91: The traditions were always my favorite part of Bryn Mawr. ... This made it possible for me to bring them home a little more.

@dilexico: …Step sings were one of my favorite things at @ brynmawrcollege and I was so delighted when I finally got to be a songsmistress!!

Wendy Luck ’79: This was a wonderful idea and so fun to participate!

@virtualstepsing: Keep washing your hands.