What Are You Thankful For?

As part of Project Mawrter, the Alumnae Association has been asking alumnae/i to share their virtual offerings to Athena.

Sara Schafer ’07 

I’m thankful for my health and ask Athena to please give me good weather for my half marathon on Sunday!


Pippa Jones Barrett ’88

Thankful to be 30 out and increasingly understanding how Bryn Mawr made me stronger, more resilient, and more independent as I negotiate career and life changes. Thank you, Athena and every person I met at Bryn Mawr. You all continue to have a lasting impact on my life.

Marybeth Lavrakas ’88

I am so thankful it’s almost Friday! LOL

Zoe Fox ’14

I’m thankful for the incredible wedding I had on the BMC campus almost two weeks ago and that Athena gave us the perfect day.


Jen Morse ’93 

Thankful for the community of strong women, the diversity of opinions, and being taught to think critically.

Patt Neff ’78

Thankful for a 40th reunion that exceeded all expectations for joy.

Barbara Cellarius ’85 

I am thankful for the summer of fieldwork in Alaska that I did as an undergraduate.


Lois McAffrey-Lopez ’03

Thankful for my mid-life years at Bryn Mawr as a McBride scholar, where my relationship with words was infinitely changed.