What Are You Watching?

For Mawrters, pandemic viewing included plenty of Netflix and nature.

Dana Benyo ’97

Parks and Recreation here! Only because my 13 yr old had already worked his way through The Office.

Barbara Cellarius ’85


Watching my garden grow, mostly vegetables. A couple of weeks ago, went with some friends to a pond to watch the birds and the beavers. A lynx made an appearance too. (No TV, no Netflix)

Laura Blum Romano ’98

Just finished whole 90-day Fiancé before, after and the other way!! Loved “traveling” all over the world with the show! Def my “guilty pleasure” too!

Nadine Gartner ’01


I May Destroy You. Michaela Cole is a genius.

Katya Michos ’81


no tv, no Netflix, gorgeous moon, and last night watched an excellent Tarkovsky film for free.

Lauren Suraci Johnson ’88

Ava DuVernay films

Devon Monty-Pasha '06


Lindsey Kolaric ’03


Great British Baking Show, Secrets of the Zoo, Schitt’s Creek, and 13 Reasons Why.