What Are Your Memories from Your First-Year Move-In Day?

"All the buildings looked like castles to me."


In Crowd Source, the Bulletin asks readers to answer a question related to their Bryn Mawr College experience. Here were the responses via social media. 

Gina Willner-Pardo ’79

My new friends Leslie Whitaker and Ursula Bartels and I were walking to Rhoads when we met (then dean) Mary Pat McPherson on the path. She said hello to all of us and called each of us by name. We were stunned. She was and is a marvel.

Susan Messina ’86, M.S.S. ’91, M.L.S.P. ’92

Being astounded that Amy Friedman and I had a private bathroom to ourselves in Rock 36AB, a suite that no longer exists. We had our own rooms with a bathroom in the middle. Luxury!!

Mireya Gehring Turner ’91

Asking for directions to the Student Center and someone telling me to look for the building that looked like a castle. I am from California. All the buildings looked like castles to me.

Claudia Carson ’89


My brother drove me to freshman year because my moms were out of the country for my grandmother’s burial. He taught me that the first things to do whenever you move are 1) make your bed, 2) set up your stereo (and play music, of course), and 3) hang art (or posters) on the wall. I’ve followed that advice ever since for every new home/dorm.

Erin Voss ’02

The little freight elevator in Pem East!

Martha Bayless ’80

I remember when I stepped in the door and someone—later one of my most beloved friends—said, “Welcome home.”

Laura Silvius ’05

People playing disco music outside of Denbigh, which was to be my home for the next year. I hate disco music.

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