What's Your Favorite Memory of Erdman?

The iconic Louis Kahn dorm was recently designated a significant historic site.

In Crowd Source, the Bulletin asks readers to answer a question related to their Bryn Mawr College experience. Here were the responses via social media.


The fabulous windows in my room. Lofty acoustics in the central entrance area. Good times at the ‘special dinners’ with my friends.


Louis Kahn

Diane Carlson ’86   

I remember the visiting architecture students wandering through there with stars in their eyes, gushing “what is it like to live here?” Now, as an architect myself, I can 100 percent appreciate their awe. While I loved living there my freshman and sophomore years, now knowing his full body of work it’s beyond cool that I got to spend some years there.

Brooke DeWitt ’02

Dance parties to Celine Dion techno mixes... ❤️❤️❤️




Rocky Horror Picture Show in Erdman Common Room.

Jean Webber ’71 

I toured the campus with my mom my senior year in high school—in the fall of ’66. When our student guide took us into Erdman, my mom asked her when they expected to finish it! (It had been completed a year or two before that and had students living there.)


Erdman Interior

Connie Wen ’17 

As an Erd4Lyfer, every moment was a good memory....but nothing really beats being able to go to the dining hall in pajamas during snow days while everyone else is in four layers of winter clothing.