More than 50 years ago, the Bulletin dedicated its pages to the Black experience at Bryn Mawr.

“The Alumnae Bulletin believes its purpose is to keep its readers informed about Bryn Mawr College, its alumnae affairs and activities. The College is a complex community and its alumnae number about 10,000. This issue of the Bulletin departs from the usual pattern of offering a variety of subject matter; instead the issue focuses on one topic—Black students and Bryn Mawr. Our material has come from recent Black alumnae, members of the administration and faculty, and Black students now on campus. We have also included brief reports from campus organizations which reflect changes affecting everyone at Bryn Mawr.” — Editor's Note, Spring 1969 Alumnae Bulletin


From Black Alumnae: Evelyn Jones Rich ’54 (Black Is Beautiful ... But Not Enough); Joyce Green ’57, Ph.D. ’68 (Great Possibilities ... Great Difficulties); Christine Philpot Clark ’60, LL.B. Yale ’65 (As It Was and As It Is); Chandlee Lewis Murphy ’63 (Introduction to Learning); Jessica Harris ’68 (Paradoxes, Miseries ... Not for Trade); Marcia Young Boles ’68 (Freedom to Be Myself)

Black Graduate Enrollment / Undergraduate School: GSSWSR Dean Bernard Ross (Recruitment Program, School of Social Work and Social Research); Ellen Silberblatt ’64 and Elizabeth Vermey ’58 (Admissions); Julie Painter ’59 (Scholarship Aid)

From Black Undergraduates: Dora Obi Chizea ’69 (My People: Biafra and Bryn Mawr); Sharon Bogerty ’69 (Helpful Greetings); Patchechole Poindexter ’70 (Why Bryn Mawr? An Imaginary Interview); Carol B. Conaway ’70 (Towards a Positive Future); Dolores Miller ’70 (Lanterns, Owls and All ... Four Years Only); Brenda Jefferson ’70 (Is Bryn Mawr Worth the Trouble?); Joanne L. Doddy ’72 (I’m Black, I’m “Conservative,” and I’m Proud)

This issue of the Alumnae Bulletin presents reflections from Black alumnae/i and students spanning 65 years in the life of the College.