A Bracket Worthy of Athena

MAWRch Madness pits traditions, campus spots, icons head-to-head.

Bryn Mawr’s very own MAWRch Madness bracket put traditions, campus spots, icons, and study spaces head to head, with Mawrters placing votes for their favorites.

Bell Ringing or Garden Party? Owls or Athena? At the penultimate round it was a contest between Lantern Night and the lanterns themselves, and when the madness ended, lanterns came out on top. Participating Mawrters had some fun along the way.

Round 1: The Madness Begins

Tammy Metz ’03: This is genius.

Zee Mirza ’05: Fun. Hard choices for some though! Owls vs Athena...

Devon Monty-Pasha ’06: I would say that a tradition will win. My guess is on May Day.

Beth Posner ’89: Posting from my office at UNC, where we know a thing or two about March Madness, but where I have never participated in a bracket. I'm pulling for this in the FINAL FOUR: Lantern Night and Cloisters and Athena and Quita Woodward Room.

Rita Hunt Smith ’88: Voted. Some were hard choices, but all brought a smile to my face.

Jenn Thoman ’15: So glad that Quita took Campus Center! Was getting worried there for a minute...

Round 2: The Sweet 16 and the Battle Heats Up

Christina Wagner ’11: Omg that was awful!! Owls vs. Lanterns?! How can anyone pick. It came down to “what would I tattoo on my body,” if that sound logic helps anyone else.

Leila Lei ’17: And then there’s also Lantern Night vs. May Day.  :'(

Linda Friedrich ’89: I LOVE Mawrch Madness.

Round 3: The Elite Eight: Lantern Night vs. Step Sing? Cloisters vs. Great Hall?

Erica Roggeveen Bryne ’03: Love this! My prediction for the championship round is Lanterns v. Lantern Night...

Amanda Chudnow ’03: Ooh Erica, that's a good call! And a tough decision!

Danielle Dubow ’88: So hard to choose!

Rhonda Newton ’90: Especially between Lantern Night and Step Sing!

Round 4: The Final Four: Lantern Night, The Cloisters, Lanterns, Carpenter

Helen Freeman ’02: As an archaeology major, I am unreasonably happy to see how well Carpenter is doing (even if it’s about to go down).

Charlotte Rahn-Lee ’05: How to choose between Lantern Night and the Cloisters?? If the final is between lanterns and Lantern Night, I am going to laugh a lot.

Jessica Lynn Collett ’06: How could it be anything else? But Lantern Night is only four nights—your lantern is forever!

Emelin Gasparrini ’07: Arg, it just keeps getting harder!

Mary Wessel Walker ’06: Aww, I wanted Quita to go all the way.

Round 5: The Championship: Lantern Night vs. Lanterns

Nancy Schmucker ’98: An impossible choice!!!!!

Devon Monty-Pasha ’06: Lanterns last forever.

Nancy Schmucker ’98: Oh, but that tradition! Knowing that thousands of women did it before you. It’s really special.

Luann Abrahams ’87: Can’t get a lantern without Lantern Night…

Rebecca Nowlin Green ’93: Ah, but no Lantern Night without lanterns to bestow…