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Kim Masters '76
Kim Masters ’76 shares her thoughts about journalism, the Time's Up movement, and what's next.
President Cassidy
President's Message
Bryn Mawr has benefited in countless ways from talents, perspectives of Dreamers.
Eric Pumroy
Special Collections director's work supports teaching, scholarship.
Pippa and Alison
Our Bryn Mawr
A relationship that started with an admissions interview endures.
Leaping Woman
Our Bryn Mawr
Becky Ross brings broad experience to Alumnae Career Services role.
Antique Owl
Our Bryn Mawr
Mawrters take pride in their hard-earned degree, but that's not the only benefit they get from the College.
People Thinking
With an eye on improving social policy, an international collaboration aims at synthesizing research studies.
Hilda "H.D." Doolittle, Bryn Mawr Class of 1909
An alumna returns to the campus where she found her calling.


The Red Monastery Church: Beauty and Asceticism in Upper Egypt edited by Elizabeth S. Bolman, Ph.D. '97
Elizabeth S. Bolman, Ph.D. '97
Murder With A Cherry On Top by Cynthia Blair ’75, writing as Cynthia Baxter
Cynthia Blair ’75
The Tower of the Winds at Athens by Pamela Webb, M.A. ’83, Ph.D., ’89
Pamela Webb, M.A. ’83, Ph.D., ’89
Baby Dolls & Ninja Swords: 6 True Tales of Play Therapy by Ellie Totten Shumaker ’68 writing as Zoe Cardez
Ellie Totten Shumaker ’68

Campus News

Anassa Kata

Stephanie Brown

"Know that where you go and how you get there can be very different from what you envisioned, and that’s OK."

Couple at alter

Celebrating the many different kinds of relationships that bloom at Bryn Mawr.