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Why Do You Love Being a Mawrter?

When alumnae/i are asked to brag about Bryn Mawr, turns out they find a lot to crow about.

In Crowd Source, the Bulletin asks readers to answer a question related to their Bryn Mawr College experience. Here were the responses via social media. 

Brighid Boyle Holden ’03

One of the things I love is that when you meet a new Mawrter, you have an instant connection and can talk about a wide variety of topics just because you both went to Bryn Mawr—from random conversations in Crate & Barrel, meeting an alum at a roller derby match, or randomly on an airplane—these moments remind me how connected we all are and how supportive our community is.

Katherine Cunningham ’13

It is synonymous with being a smart, strong, independent, compassionate, passionate, forward-thinking individual. … And it makes you feel like you really are part of something and have a home wherever you go.

Audrey Ettinger ’92

My classmates! (And all the other fabulous students and alumnae that I know!)

Sue Speers ’51

Years ago, I occasionally hosted meetings for the Bryn Mawr Club of Fairfield County, Connecticut. The conversation was always so interesting that even my children would stay close by to overhear. That made me proud of both them and my Bryn Mawr friends.

Jennifer Grackin Steinberg ’02

For me, it’s all about the cred and swagger. When I tell someone I came to Pennsylvania to go to Bryn Mawr, I usually don’t have to say anything else. And Bryn Mawr gave me the confidence and swagger to walk into a space and be myself.

Natalie Abbott '05



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This question was asked as part of the Project Mawrter initiative.