Crowd Source

What fun fall memories do you have from your time at Bryn Mawr?

"The elation of being reunited with the most brilliant, interesting, and inspiring women in the world every first week of September after a summer apart." — Carrie Chaikin ’98

“Jumping in large piles of leaves.”
— Ciara Bhattacharyya ’10

“The sound of a ball hitting the backboard of the field hockey goal, followed by cheers in the dimming autumn sun.” — Erin Epstein Hoffmeier ’02

“I always liked Fall Frolic. I liked tabling for my club (Buzzing 4 Change) but also getting to see everyone back and together!” — Ashley Mallon ’10

“The Inauguration of Jane McAuliffe in 2008 was a huge, awesome party of vendors and lights on Senior Row, and it was so much fun to plan and participate in! Plus, the weather was perfect.” — Meagan Hume ’07

Image of a sparkling gold leaf

— Marina Fradera ’09

“The Ginko trees, for sure. They stay yellow for so long!”
— Sophia Brown '19

“When it snowed on Halloween, which was also the day before lantern instead of a brisk fall lantern night, we had fresh snow in the cloisters ❄️❄️” — Pamudu Tennakoon ‘15

“Seeing a shooting star above Pem arch” — Marianne Wald ‘14 


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