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Scene from Gustav Holst's opera Savitri, based on a Hindu folktale

This music-lover pivoted from a career in high-tech to become an opera impresaria at 76.

Barbara Kevles standing near vintage equipment

Journalist Barbara Kevles ’62 reflects on her interviews with some of the most important women in American culture.

portrait of Agnes Gathaiya
Our Bryn Mawr

Country director for East Africa at Google, Agnes Gathaiya '96 has been garnering plenty of attention in the tech world.

Image of a busy road in Russia with billboards on all sides

The Russia I came to know in 2010 differed profoundly from the country I had visited in the past. Yet much remained the same.

President Kim Cassidy
President's Message

Energy has been apparent everywhere in a terrific start to the school year.

Allaina Propst sitting in front of a mural
Our Bryn Mawr

Allaina Propst '12 opened a brewery and restaurant in her hometown, Honesdale, Pa.

grey scale photo of the construction of Taylor Hall

How Bryn Mawr’s physical landscape sheds light on its earliest history.

Mikhail Gorbachev seated behind microphones
Our Bryn Mawr

How Gorbachev’s glasnost opened up new worlds for one intrepid Mawrter.