Our Unique Faces

I saw such a diverse group of women on our beautiful campus.

When I reflect on my time at Bryn Mawr, I think about the initial shock of the first time I saw such a diverse group of women on our beautiful campus. Some taller, some shorter, some lighter, some darker, all so intelligent—and slightly intimidating. Before arriving at Bryn Mawr, I didn’t have much self-awareness in regard to how I navigated the world in a Black woman’s body. The journey of learning myself and my power didn’t really start until I was in close quarters with those opposite from me. In my experience, Sisterhood* [the asterisk denotes that Sisterhood* is open to all genders and gender expressions] and BACaSO members represented unapologetic confidence and belonging. Our events, our gatherings, our conversations—these moments were the highlights of my coming-of-age story. Today, we are Black women from the Diaspora, taking our respective worlds by storm. That same essence of self-assurance and determination shines through my art to show how magical Black women truly are.

This issue of the Alumnae Bulletin presents reflections from Black alumnae/i and students spanning 65 years in the life of the College.