Our Unique Faces

I saw such a diverse group of women on our beautiful campus.

When I reflect on my time at Bryn Mawr, I think about the initial shock of the first time I saw such a diverse group of women on our beautiful campus. Some taller, some shorter, some lighter, some darker, all so intelligent—and slightly intimidating. Before arriving at Bryn Mawr, I didn’t have much self-awareness in regard to how I navigated the world in a Black woman’s body. The journey of learning myself and my power didn’t really start until I was in close quarters with those opposite from me. In my experience, Sisterhood* [the asterisk denotes that Sisterhood* is open to all genders and gender expressions] and BACaSO members represented unapologetic confidence and belonging. Our events, our gatherings, our conversations—these moments were the highlights of my coming-of-age story. Today, we are Black women from the Diaspora, taking our respective worlds by storm. That same essence of self-assurance and determination shines through my art to show how magical Black women truly are.

This issue of the Alumnae Bulletin presents reflections from Black alumnae/i and students spanning 65 years in the life of the College.


Quéla Jules '15 is a Boston-based painter, illustrator, designer, and general maker of things. She is also an early childhood educator and self-proclaimed “artrepreneur.” She founded Art by Jules as a way to share her gifts with the world and to inspire confidence in people who do not always fit American standards of beauty. You can keep up with her many endeavors by following her on Instagram @artxjules or by checking her website artxjulesshop.com.