Primary Sources: Archaeological Fieldwork and Methods

Gaining an authentic understanding of material culture.

Astrid Lindenlauf
Associate Professor and Chair of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

ARCH 102: Introduction into Classical Archaeology

In a class that relies heavily on memorization, visits to Special Collections allow students to gain an authentic understanding of the material culture of ancient Greece and Rome. They learned how to date Greek and Roman pottery and identify Greek and Roman coins. When students apply their knowledge in this way, they can gain a sense of empowerment and rekindle their interest in Classical Antiquity.

ARCH 135: Archaeological Fieldwork and Methods

Working in the Ella Riegel Memorial Collection, students learned how to sort pottery and analyze for fabric (the material a pot is made of), shape, and style of decoration—all skill sets difficult to teach with slides. Using our excellent selection of potsherds, students also learned how to draw them, which prepared them to document pottery during their fieldwork project over the summer.