Teens' Challenges Are Research Focus

Yasmine Nahim ’18 studies role of ethnicity in Korean adolescents well-being.

Adolescence can be a tough time of life, particularly in our increasingly interconnected and globalized world. Yasmine Nahim ’18 wondered whether multi-ethnic teens faced more challenges than their mono-ethnic peers. To find out, she is looking into the differences in the psychological well-being of mono-ethnic Korean adolescents and their multi-ethnic peers with one Korean and one non-Korean parent in South Korea.

To fund her Summer of Science research, Nahim received a Frances Velay Fellowship, which supports young women scientists.

She wrote about her research experiences on the Summer Internships Blog.

"Aside from the ways in which this program can help me academically, I also think that the skills I learn can be used outside of the classroom setting," she wrote. "One important thing that I have learned is independence, but I think it can also be just as important to know when to ask for help."