In This Issue

Saskia Subramanian

The Project Mawrter initiative provides opportunities for reflection.

Instructor holding model of brain.

Mawrters recall a slow reaction and a loud bang, human brains—and, of course, getting lost.

Image from John Waters’ Study Art series

Course cluster considers practice, politics behind curating contemporary art.

A lantern discovered at Wyck House.

Mariel Rosati ’08 and Hannah McMillan ’19 investigate.

Tania Romero

A journey that began in the streets of Managua leads to a premiere at Cannes.  

Maria Eichhorn's Unlawfully Acquired Books from Jewish Ownership

One of the art world’s premier events gathers artists from its margins.

Amelia McCarthy ’19

A student's reflections on a summer voyage at sea.

Sharon Burgmayer

Burgmayer and team continue to break ground in chemistry lab.