In This Issue

Amelia McCarthy ’19

A student's reflections on a summer voyage at sea.

Tania Romero

A journey that began in the streets of Managua leads to a premiere at Cannes.  

Saskia Subramanian

The Project Mawrter initiative provides opportunities for reflection.

Sharon Burgmayer

Burgmayer and team continue to break ground in chemistry lab.

A lantern discovered at Wyck House.

Mariel Rosati ’08 and Hannah McMillan ’19 investigate.

Instructor holding model of brain.

Mawrters recall a slow reaction and a loud bang, human brains—and, of course, getting lost.

Maria Eichhorn's Unlawfully Acquired Books from Jewish Ownership

One of the art world’s premier events gathers artists from its margins.

Danielle Pigeon

Two McBride Scholars reflect on their paths to Bryn Mawr.