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When Charlotte Met Kitty

"Meet a Mawrter: 1,000 Coffees," a volunteer-driven initiative, invites connection.

Meet A Mawrter: 1,000 Coffees is a volunteer-driven initiative to foster relationships and supportive connections among Bryn Mawr alumnae/i. These relationships enrich and nourish lives as well as promote the power of community to current and future Mawrters.

The first cohort of 40 Connectors reached out to fellow alums, who reached out to more alums, who reached out to even more alums. Below are just two of the stories that resulted.

Kitty Cahalan and Charlotte Hand Greeson

Charlotte Hand Greeson ’91 (History) met Kitty Cahalan ’92 (Chemistry)  for lunch at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California. 

“Kitty was a year ahead of me at Bryn Mawr, but I didn't know her until I moved to LA 18 months ago,” Greeson says. “We’re really different: different majors and initial career trajectories, I move every two years, she’s been in Pasadena since graduation. However, we discovered that our age—mid-40s, middle age (?!)—is a common denominator that evens
out differences. 

“We talked a bit about family and a bit about our personal Bryn Mawr stories, but mostly our conversation was about being a parent and a Mawrter and a woman in the working world and how we try to manage those hurdles.

“As a result of our conversation, I am more sure than ever that the ever-widening social media of Bryn Mawr is making us stronger. We see the support in our families and our vocations and those networks are always reaching behind us to enfold the newest grads.”

Elizabeth Newbury and Theresa Kim

Elizabeth Newbury ’07 (Anthropology) met Theresa Kim ’01 (Mathematics with a minor in French and Francophone Studies) for lunch in Washington, D.C. 

“Theresa reached out after a recent program I led at the Wilson Center about Women in STEM—but our conversation wasn't just about work!” Newbury says. “We met for lunch in Dupont Circle, right near her work. 

“Pro-tip: Never eat alone, and if you can, dine with a Mawrter. Theresa picked a great tapas lunch spot!!

“We talked about living in the DC area, lamented the Metro (a true source of bonding for D.C. natives), and shared tips and tricks about wedding planning and house hunting. 

“Theresa is definitely a super alum, and it was very inspiring to hear about how the power of mentorship can really help women in a male-dominated field. The conversation inspired me to be more of a mentor to other Mawrters!”