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Lauren Phillips
Bryn Mawr connections on an archeological dig in Alaska.
Marking the distance each of the chromophores in the dyes have traveled in the mobile phase.
Thin-layer chromatography is used to identify ancient dyes.
Book cover
For author and subjects, it's far more than a patch of backyard dirt. 
President Cassidy
President's Message
Reflecting on the continued importance of women's colleges.
A new study finds that the changing climate might spell trouble for tropical bird species.
After running away from home to join the Peace Corps, her life went to the birds.
Angela Davis addresses the Class of 2018.
McCurdy Miller
Our Bryn Mawr
In this issue, we highlight our 2018 Alumnae Service Award winners.


Book Cover
Jane Isay '61
Book Cover
Joan Paddock Maxwell '63
Book Cover
Jane Marla Robbins '65
Book Cover
Sarah Herr '91, editor

Campus News

Anassa Kata

Mikecia Witherspoon 12

"Bryn Mawr prepares you for the many ways the world will see you, and how you will see others."

Gabrielle Farrell

Taking on a new role in the field of political communications.