Buddhist Statue

Where Was the Most Surprising Place You Found a Mawrter?

They sometimes tend to appear where one might least expect it.

In Crowd Source, the Bulletin asks readers to answer a question related to their Bryn Mawr College experience. Here were the responses via social media. 


At a buddhist monastery! She is actually the head monastic.


My flatmate when I studied abroad junior year couldn’t believe women’s colleges still existed and was constantly teasing me that it was the strangest thing ever. I went to visit her family in the UK over spring break, and it turns out her grandmother was a Mawrter!



Campbell's Soup Can

At a grocery store in Houston, TX! And he was an elderly gent that was a graduate of the GSSWSR! We met in the soup aisle.

Nandini Deo

New Year’s Eve in Kathmandu in the street! She was doing a study abroad program and I was on holiday with my cousins.


At a traffic light in Singapore! I was there for a business trip and my freshman hallmate was there doing a short internship, and we walked past each other at the zebra crossing during lunch time! 


Many years after graduation, I moved back to my hometown in Missouri. At a church leaders’ conference in a nearby city, I saw a woman’s nametag and her name sounded familiar. Turns out she was the alumna from SW Missouri who had written me a note as a prospective freshman, encouraging me to attend BMC! Small world!


At a cafe in Tunali in downtown Ankara, Turkey. I lived there and was having lunch with friends, overheard two young women at the next table over talking about Bryn Mawr...of course joined up and had a great afternoon!