In This Issue

Math Professor Erica Graham

Bryn Mawr professor and alumna looks at reproductive hormone regulation.

D. Sarzinski ’05

Forensic anthropologist helps identify remains of the missing after conflict.

President Cassidy
President's Message

President Cassidy on the history and vibrancy of our performing arts.

Jacqueline Cahill, M.S.S. ’18 and Jim Alderfer, M.S.S. ’17.

Prospective grad students introduced to social work curriculum and more.

Code with symbols

Math course offers insight into creating and solving secret messages.

Saskia Subramanian

There are many ways to volunteer and be a part of the College community.

Lydia Fisher '20

Separated by three decades, two Owls reflect on their field hockey careers.

Gissell Montoya ’17

Scores of Mellon Mays fellows have graduated from Bryn Mawr and gone on to earn advanced degrees and pursue distinguished careers.